Ranting on random stuff

I sat on my specific recliner couch corner spot; in the Christmas-lights glow-quietness of having been productive and that glow of tired you get too, when you’ve done all you can. And the blanket was soft. And it was Christmas Eve but despite the wrapping and baking and decor (dollar store paper things with jolly […]

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Online conference

Check out this online conference, my bit was on at 2:15 EST Nov. 28, 2020, but the conference can be viewed in entirety. .. https://youtu.be/NLZRUlsYIMo Note: AsymptomaticSpread is real. Five people I love (a whole household) had #COVID19 The man pictured here has died. I don’t normally share things like this but here’s a link. […]

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Collage by KimberlyGerryTucker

I was thinking how I’ve not been productive lately, artly speaking. And then I went through old canvases. I’ve made quite a few. The last few years 2017-2019 -has actually had quite the output. Some here are a combination acrylic and paper. Most are paper. In some cases, I’m posting portions of larger works. Like […]

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My podcast with Different Brains will air March 26th. I had the pleasure of writing for Spectrum Woman. 🍀Link here: Spectrum Woman KimTucker That’s all for now!

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Random Insights, New Collage

Here’s a random thing that happened recently: I was given a prescription for compression socks because I have an enlarged saphenous vein. Boy are those stockings stretchy! Last week, at a routine exam at my GP, I started removing my compression socks to get an EKG. Compression socks are so springy that one flew out […]

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Unquiet Brain

I used to be adept at  “Find the hidden______” puzzles.  In doctors’ offices when I was a kid-I went right to the Highlights For Children magazines to find the hidden toothbrush, pencil, banana, etc. I’ve played a few phone apps too along these lines.  So. With all my ‘experience’ finding hidden items, one would think I […]

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Challenged but Loved

I believe we have challenges for reasons. I believe that the most difficult relationships/people in our lives are our greatest teachers. I believe sometimes little things make a big difference. Like certain crows, I enjoy finding treasure in the parking lot. Or bracelets in parks. My grandson found a stretchy green bracelet (green, his favorite […]

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Dumb Meme. New Work. 

Miniature billboard-like memes with their visual messages and antecdotes…usually pop-up-style intrusive, sometimes funny, predictable purveyors of excruciatingly bad grammar, some of them trying too hard to be profound and some actually succeeding. I’ve been slack on writing the blog, keeping abreast of social media, and  this is because I’ve got 20 paintings that need to […]

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A Few Hours At The Mall

 I want to be a bit of both walnut tree and a bit oceanic hot vent fish. Why can’t I be a mix between the two? I’ll explain in a minute what I mean by that. First this: I am not a big user of emojis although sometimes my youngest child and I will make […]

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International Autistic Pride Day: June 18th. Splurge, fish and take public transportation too…

International Autistic Pride Day: June 18th. I missed this celebrated awareness day last year. On any given day something is celebrated to “raise awareness.” June 18th is: NATIONAL DUMP THE PUMP DAY On the third Thursday in June, National Dump the Pump encourages people to ride public transportation, instead of driving, and save money. NATIONAL […]

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Collecting New Associations

I’ve always liked to collect. My middle son shares this trait. Some things he is currently collecting, or has collected:  pepper shakers (not salt), traffic cones, ID/name tags, dice… I’ve collected or are currently collecting: wooden sailors, cat figurines, Buddhas, rocks, salt and pepper shakers, pens, cacti, African American figurines, crane/claw game prizes… I love […]

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Spread It Like Fertilizer

            A fresh faced Jack Klugman (of Quincy and Odd Couple fame) played an alcoholic horn player in an old black and white Twilight Zone episode. (Shows like Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, and Thriller can be found on the ME network). His character couldn’t get a gig at a nightclub […]

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Art Is Important! Expression Is Vital To The Human Condition

Art Is Important! Expression Is Vital To The Human Condition! We’ve been in the midst of a so called blizzard here in the Nor’ East. Blizzard Colby to be exact, but I hardly call 15 inches a blizzard. Anyway the news was remarking upon the large number of babies that were born during the blizzard. Gee, I wonder how many of them will be named Colby… I was sick with flu for a week before the storm came with sweats, 103 degree fever, chills lasting hours, head pain, coughing, congestion, etc. I think without creative expression I might’ve had a terrible time of being a shut-in. But I’ll tell you one of the things I did.

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Look for the learning

In Stephen King’s novel, “Revival,” his main character describes “those people that pop up in your life like the Joker in a deck of cards,” the ones who end up being “change agents” in your life. That is to say; people who end up being catalysts for change in your life. That’s the way you […]

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The Art of Forgiving

When I was expecting my third child, I wanted to name her Georgiana; George or Georgie for short… but my spouse didn’t care for the name. So she was named Kerry. But since she is transgender, he wants to be called Silis. What’s in a name? Uranus wasn’t always Uranus. The astronomer William Herschel discovered […]

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10 Oddisms, Unusual Stories and Interesting Things

1) Jesus Statue Has Real Teeth photo Credit: ENCRyM-INAH As this photo shows, there used to be a tradition in which people donated body parts to churches. Upon being given an X-Ray, this statue was found to have actual human teeth in it. The photo below shows the actual statue (courtesy http://www.nbcnews.com/science/weird-science/lord-almighty-300-year-old-jesus-statue-found-have-human-n183471 ).  In 2014, Fanny […]

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Note to the Child Me

NOTE TO MY CHILD SELF                 I’m an adult with sensory sensitivities and diagnoses of both Aspergers and selective mutism. I remember what it was like to be a child with those challenges. At the time, I thought that because I was so different from everyone else that I must have be an alien dropped […]

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Believe In People and also Levi Brown, “Graffiti” and Photography/Art taken to New Lengths!

There is a mysterious local New Haven artist going only by the moniker: ‘Believe In People,’ often shortened to BIP. Watch out! A giant baby holding a briefcase-wielding businessman! This particular painting ‘sprung’ up “guerrilla style” on the side of a business along State Street. In this instance, the painter had the permission of the […]

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Keeping it Real, Feeling CRAFTY

I pick up things all the time. They don’t have to be shiny. Sometimes something catches my eye. How about sticks? You know…twigs, tree arms, small limbs, branches, tree offshoots, switches. That’s what I’m talking about. I guess it’s just that time of year when I get an urge to collect, to craft, to bring […]

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Inside My Head Again

Soothing Places… Some places leave vivid etchings on our memories. When we close our eyes and drift…we’re almost there again.             I was about 8 years old. There were crayfish to trap and study in Grandma’s Brook. I never saw more than one claw of the crayfish I named ‘Crab With The Big Green Claw,’ […]

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A Wabi-Sabi Approach To Life, OR Appreciating Moss Covered Pocketbooks In The Woods

Nothing’s perfect, nothing’s finished, nothing is forever.   Feeling quite chan right now. So often conversations falter. We cannot find the word that translates what we want to say. There are languages that have words for these moments. Chan is an example. It’s Mandarin Chinese and it is untranslatable to English. It means having a […]

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Trees, Glorious Trees!

Trees are some of my favorite subjects to paint. My love for them only grows as years go by. The wild pear tree that grew in my backyard is an early memory of my kinship with them. I grew up by a highway, so this tree was special. It truly was a delight to my […]

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