Ranting on random stuff

I sat on my specific recliner couch corner spot; in the Christmas-lights glow-quietness of having been productive and that glow of tired you get too, when you’ve done all you can. And the blanket was soft. And it was Christmas Eve but despite the wrapping and baking and decor (dollar store paper things with jolly faces), it felt like another day. My mind decided to spool out so I let it conjure a Christmas Past against my closed eyelids.

My grandfather made the wooden sleigh, Santa and reindeer. I wish I still had that today.
I’m in that sleigh. I think on the porch rail I see the big colorful bulbs, the sturdy kind not plastic. Which means that from our little hill by the busy highway, people could look up and see the colors at night as they whizzed by.

Do people sit around playing cards anymore without the TV blaring?

My view presently.

So then I said to myself this is Christmas present. Someone I know died of Covid last month. Last year I didn’t realize that my little 2020 new yrs.Eve would be pre-pandemic.

This is my tree this year. A gnome, a gift from my son.

Just a few days after New Year’s Eve here in January, I would make the decision to put my elder cat to rest.

So what about Christmas Future?

What about it?

What does it look like for any of us?

I’ll have a house by a brook. A porch. It’ll look like this art I did.

Pandemic art. One of them I did over the past few months. I don’t know what Christmas Future looks like.

I like seeing how my kids have branched. Into families of their own. It’s very nice. I want health and peace for them all.

This was sold recently. It also appeared on the cover of Kaleidoscope a few mths ago.

My California trip, planned out and paid for, my chance to hug Redwoods for March 2021. That’s gone now. Covid took that from me. It took a lot more than that from other people.

So. It’s hard to say what Christmas Future is. I know I’ll be making art, working hard toward my goals, and appreciating every little thing which later turn out to be the biggest things.

Our prizes are higher this year. Email me.
Don’t turn that upside down!

2 thoughts on “Ranting on random stuff

  1. My inlaws play cards without the TV on. But they only play “500”, a variation on Euchre (a Midwest/Michigan thing, I guess). However, there is no crosstalk or meaningful conversation allowed!

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