I Can’t Even

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that from hornworms and weight loss to metamorphosis paintings personally, to our U.S. as a whole it’s plain to see- this is a year of change in many many ways. Several years ago my youngest (teenage) child kept saying “I can’t even.” Having older children builds a […]

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I’m Going Outside

I’m not saying climate change doesn’t loom like a specter in the closet; shadowing out by degrees in a slow scare. It is there. It is real. That said, haven’t we turned into a nation of worriers? ‘They’ say if you’re thinking too much in the past- That’s depression. If you’re worried too much about the […]

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Look for the learning

In Stephen King’s novel, “Revival,” his main character describes “those people that pop up in your life like the Joker in a deck of cards,” the ones who end up being “change agents” in your life. That is to say; people who end up being catalysts for change in your life. That’s the way you […]

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