LOST ART of Dr. Suess, Books, Mosaics and Pleasure in Broken Pieces

Image     Why mosaics? I like the shiny full color allure of “coffee table” books. The large exotic collection of pictures I never tire of. There are three such books I am finding myself picking up over and over. I’ve owned them for years. I share them with visiting children, I open them for peaceful reflection, I am in awe of the peace it brings me. I could troll the internet, sure, and I do, but I love real hardcover books with that torn book jacket and that library smell. This is one I have loved, “Making Bits & Pieces Mosaics,” by Marlene Marshall. The pictures never grow old, to me. Perhaps growing up in a hoarder’s house, I like the presentation of ‘ordered chaos’ that mosaics bring to life. Broken pieces with uses. I love the physical act of handling the grout, creamy and white in my fingers…swiping, applying it. I have heard some say mosaics are tacky. I completely disagree. Each broken piece has a history; it once had a use. It’s repurposed and to me, lovely. Let me show you a few pictures from my book:

Image This an urn the author of the book has made. I confess to having mosaiced a container which now holds my own late husband’s ashes. It’s not as colorful as this one but it was made with love.



ABOVE: This is called Albert Glade’s Enchanted Garden. It has outlived its creator. He was a German immigrant and silent film actor in the 20s. How would like to have known him! See the delightful path with everything from old buttons to kitchen crockery and plastic dolls…

The book also tells the story of Watts tower. It is a place I am sure I will never visit but I feel as if I know it. I certainly have the patience and whimsy to work diligently at such a project. It is made of ‘urban waste,’ the bases bent bar metal coated with cement, … Its creator Simon Rodia embedded glass shards and seashells. While seashells are not my favorite choice, I have used them in flower pot creations. This tower became a community project….children and adults coming together to create.




ONE more:

My dream kitchen, but alas a dream. I don’t own this place so I can’t do it…but the author did!


Another book I don’t tire of is “The Secret Art of Dr. Suess…


I think pictures speak volumes so here a few of his creations, far from being made for children, these particular pieces were made for himself.


How about a few more:



I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life’s realities. —-Dr. Suess

Keep up the glorious nonsense! I will be enjoying the broken pieces.

And my books.

note: the books listed above, from which the pics are posted are available on amazon. I recommend them! If anyone wishes credit for any images, pls contact me. I assume the ones here are in public domain



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