Collage by KimberlyGerryTucker

I was thinking how I’ve not been productive lately, artly speaking. And then I went through old canvases. I’ve made quite a few. The last few years 2017-2019 -has actually had quite the output. Some here are a combination acrylic and paper. Most are paper. In some cases, I’m posting portions of larger works. Like […]

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Collection MMXIX Dobbs Ferry

I had the great opportunity to represent Art of Autism with my art at this event in Dobbs Ferry NY on May 30. Some proceeds will go to AoA -any purchases from any artist in the show (commissioned or sold) made up to 30 days after the show. Artists present: I caught many Sleeping Snorlax’s […]

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Singing Bowl Update

It sings! My son Silas works with crystals and all things spiritual. For those of you who read my blog about me not being able to get my singing bowl to sing, here’s an update. There was song in there after all! Here’s Silas:

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Spring (and then there were two)

It seems like Winter lasted from September to May here but finally signs of warmer weather include baby birdies in nests and concert tickets purchased. Spring occurrences; rituals. I look forward to following my favorite music to different venues. This year, the band LIVE opens for them. A band I’ve seen a few times that […]

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