Unquiet Brain

I used to be adept at 

“Find the hidden______” puzzles. 

In doctors’ offices when I was a kid-I went right to the Highlights For Children magazines to find the hidden toothbrush, pencil, banana, etc. I’ve played a few phone apps too along these lines. 

So. With all my ‘experience’ finding hidden items, one would think I could locate my eyeglasses, Al’s misplaced gardening gloves or the Target bag with my hotgluegun sticks in it. Not so easy. My brain is a little occupied. I had a family crisis this past week … And actually the whole world seems ridiculous !! (Even without family emergencies…..as I don’t have to tell you. )

I saw a ridiculous answer “to all my problems” suggestion in a TV ad recently: “Buy shoes!” Yeah it’s not as easy as all that. Whilst shopping may release a squirt of dopamine, much like hoarders have when they bring in a found object – it’s not everlasting and not a realistic solution… but back to the “lost object” train of thought. 

When my family went on road trips, someone always had to settle for using a gas station bathroom. The attendant always handed over the key attached to a chain and what amounted to a 20 lb. steel tire rim. Actual photo of Hamlet Quick Stop – Seaside, OR, United States. Restroom key.

I’m exaggerating. Usually the gas station rest room key was attached to a big block of wood so no one would lose it. You get the idea. 

So I figure when something goes missing, around this house, there is a choice I could’ve made. Proactive measures, if you will. Anything prone to becoming lost (Al’s gardening gloves, car keys and the like) should be affixed to a cumbersome wooden block, via a chain. It’s easier to spot a block of wood, right? 

Because in this house lost things may as well be painted with stripes equivalent to those on the Where’s Waldo’s shirt…

Because they blend in as if they’ve a life of their own, these misplaced objects and it’s like the missing things -they’ve smartly adapted, escaped detection with a clever camouflage. They’re found when they want to be. 

In other news, I’m starting my first installation art project. My brain is full, you see, and if ideas aren’t put to tangible practice, my brain folds fill up, and then flood ; and I stall out.

 So I tried to sand these blocks of wood a few days ago but my older electric sander started to smoke, got insanely hot and burned out. 

Alas I’ve got a new sander now and  I am excited to begin. After the sanding I’ll need to gesso them and purchase at least 12-15 door hinges to make this work. Stay tuned!

My bee-loving, butterfly-attracting flowers are showing great leaps and strides, as is Al’s vegetable garden. He’s even got watermelon coming along nicely. The morning glories and bonsai tree are a work in progress. Isn’t everything!?

Discovered a little flood in the basement and making sure the dehumidifier was set and so forth I looked around. It’s a small flood in the scheme of things. Lo and behold there were Al’s garden gloves where he’d set them down on a box. 

I’ve talked to Jessica at JKP and there is interest in a writing project I promised a dear friend I’d send into the world. Fingers crossed. Like the gloves, it’s best to let these things have a mindset of their own. When this writing is meant to be seen it surely will. I’ve got lots of focused work ahead of me and I am 100% ready for it. Did I sound confident right there? Because that’s usually the first step. 👍🏻😀

Meantime, I’m off to binge watch Hoarders because THINGS and our attachments to them fascinate me. As does the brain and all the myriad astounding ways it can go so very wrong. And so right. 

2 thoughts on “Unquiet Brain

  1. Hi, whatever happened to that job program you talked about some time ago?
    I’ll be sending a little lathe and hand-carved gnome I found some years ago.
    Just something to add to the hoard. 🙂

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