Kimberly Gerry Tucker ARTWORK slideshow

I have been wanting to put my artwork (well, most of it, ) in one place, for a very long time, so today I made a powerpoint. Some of these artworks are old, some new, some in-progress, some sold, some for sale. It amazes me how much time I’ve put into it all, and trust me I took few pictures in the 90s. So this is maybe 1/2 of it. Or less. The slideshow is 6 minutes 

The slideshow is on my author page here:

as well as being found below. 




5 thoughts on “Kimberly Gerry Tucker ARTWORK slideshow

    1. Hmmm. You could just set up a dummy Facebook and never use it. I’ve got at least six. One is in the cat’s name. He’s always posting cute selfies. At least two with odd names. lol I didn’t want to pay to upgrade WordPress just to post it.

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