Collage by KimberlyGerryTucker

I was thinking how I’ve not been productive lately, artly speaking. And then I went through old canvases. I’ve made quite a few. The last few years 2017-2019 -has actually had quite the output.

Some here are a combination acrylic and paper. Most are paper.

In some cases, I’m posting portions of larger works. Like this one.

This acrylic I’ve shared before. My typical trees with personalities and faces.

The figure is all that’s painted here and the rest is paper.

Acrylic completely.

This too is all paint.

This is probably 90% paint. I did a pointillist effect. Tiny paint dots.


A woman sits with her back to the viewer. This is probably 75% paper and the test painted.

Pure collage.


Paper only including puzzle pieces.

The figure is painted but there are textural elements too, like string. The background is paper and the wings have glitter.

This is an acrylic thought I’d forgotten about and is unfinished. Probably one I’m most likely to return to soon.

My late friend Steve Selpal liked this one and it is one of the first handful of collages I ever attempted.

Same piece. Different area of canvas.

Acrylic and paper. I believe my first mixed media.

One of the first, a portion of the one previously shown.

Acrylic and paper. One of the first.

Some of the paper here is from a 1930s book.

All paper.

I don’t think there is paint here at all. Maybe just the background actually.

A clunky art in all puzzle pieces that doesn’t work for me. This is how you learn. (I have dozens of puzzles with each color/hue sorted into bags. )

Again these are all paper.

All paper. Except for some minuscule lines accentuating her form and faces. Normally I simply cut thin black lines from paper to outline. Some puzzle pieces. Very textural.

One from the nightmare series.

All painted.

All paper save for a little paint for the face.

This particular blog post does not contain the images of myself and cat, or the gift I made for a friend of herself and her cat. I didn’t post the subway collage which was in ATrain the play, and nor does it show the nightmare series (except for the one with the bear here), and many others.

It’s just me going through old work and surprising myself at my output with pieces in some cases I’d forgotten about.

Please don’t use images without permission. I’d probably say yes anyway. 🙂

I’d like to add a note that I’m still a board member with Art of Autism and I’d LOVE for you to submit me your art of a woman past or present that you admire. Let’s celebrate Women’s History Month there are prizes of gift cards too but all images will be onsite. Art of Autism had over 4 million views!

Please send to me, Kim, at

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