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Kimberly Gerry-Tucker, Artist

Artist Note: I work in acrylic. I spend hours on collage works too. I combine acrylic and collage. I also do digital works a great once in a while. The art you see here is copyrighted. If you want to use it, please contact me as I’m most likely to say ok. Share a link to my arts page if you like, But don’t share or copy individual artworks without permission, please. Thanks! 40 hours or more can go into some of these arts. If you want to buy something, a signed original, keep in mind I offer high quality prints as well as originals, with a price we can agree on, all originals and prints signed.


As a person who used to throw clothespins with notes attached at my parents to communicate, it is through art (and writing) that my communication is most effective now.

I used to shove paintings away to gather coats of dust, nicks, and tears in the canvases.

My artwork is literally out of the closet now.

Most of my artwork is on display somewhere in New England.

But whether or not it’s displayed somewhere or SOLD, it’s usually available in prints.

Please contact me if interested in prices/purchases/works on commission. I’d love to send you a print of artwork you may like. It’s on good quality paper, arrives at your house rolled, unframed, and signed. While less expensive than buying the painting outright, the quality is very good and the price reasonable.

🙂 And of course, please do not share images without permission 🙂




April 2020: Calli Hopper, below, was inspired by my collage (on left) to make this cake (center) In turn, Michael Ryan Andolsek was inspired by Calli’s cake to make this fashion sketch. #sugarart4autism


more Collage


My first “fan art.” Adam Duritz, DIGITAL


2020: several digital works


The March 2020 Art of Autism Women’s History Month Contest was a colorful and much needed diversion from the Covid-19 pandemic which hit hard this month and found us quarantined. I enjoying curating this contest. Here is a montage of all the submissions:



My artwork was chosen for the cover redesign of the 2nd printing of Samantha Craft’s bestselling book Everyday Aspergers. CLICK HERE SpectrumSuite/MeetKimberlyGerryTucker


A Self Portrait in an ART SHOW @ the Museum of Work and Culture.


March 10 thru April 30, 2018, 1:00-3:00 pm


42 South Main Street
Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895

RI-CART and the Museum of Work and Culture (and me) invite you to the gallery show. Refreshments on opening night (March 10) but show runs to April 30th. I have work in this show, as do two talented people I know and love, as well as Matthew Best who is

an awesome collage master! All artwork is created by autistics and also by folks with related neuro-developmental conditions.

Celebrating creativity, talent, neurodiversity! More info at this link:



My Podcast Interview with Different Brains aired March 26, 2018.

Some Collage/Acrylic 2018


some iPad digital work


Original ArtWork Currently available:

Top row: Faux Monet, Dervish 2, Blue Crooked Pine

Middle row: Shattered Image 5, Ode to Van Gogh, Faux Van Gogh Patchwork Field

Bottom row: We Are The Trees, Which Path?, Homage to Van Gogh Peasant Women Snowy Work


Top row: “Tellin’ it like it is, no filter: Your breath is stinky,” Judy, Many moods

Middle row: Little Kim on the moon, Dreams, Rendering of Kim’s image on book

Bottom row: Overload, In The Cafe

NOTE: my grandson not only named my memoir, but he also serves as model for many artworks, and especially these digital works which my dear friend Judy Rosenfield M.A., CCC-SLP, and I hope to eventually use in a book called

Is Your Filter Off Kilter? (currently seeking publisher)

Collage, Mixed Media, Puzzle Piece Artworks

Note: working with puzzle pieces is great fun. It’s not some sort of statement. It’s a means to create ‘paintings’ using the colors.

Top row: Puzzle Piece submission, Ink Lovers, Peekaboo

Second row: Close-up Unless People, Mural, Rudolph (one of my carvings)

Third row: Peace Flag (sent to White House), Wooden Box Close-up (one of my mosaic works), Polly Rising

Top row: Sketch ‘French tree house’, Close-up Collage using 1930s cut-outs, One of my carvings-Two Crows Passing a Pearl

Second row: Puzzle piece painting Peekaboo, My Chinese figure Carving, Youth

Bottom row: Old Age, A-Train (in honor of amazing play in NY)


Enrique from HaveSomeCake, Birmingham, England, chose my original Shattered image painting, to replicate into a cake. I love his interpretation. I was one of two other autistic judges who judged SugarArt4Autism’s cakes in 2017.

No bias! Enrique’s was not a finalist.


Row one: Faceless Family, One Tree, Lone Tree

Row two: Dusky Day, Ordinary Space, Kerry and Doll

Row three: Man in Yellow Shirt Reclining 2, Polluth inspired landscape on washboard, Peace Trees

Row one: Contemplation (property Lesley College), Early Farm Equipment, Moonshine Mosaic

Row two: Orange Day, Dervishes 1, Lady Looking Down

Row three: Man In Yellow Shirt Reclining 1, Chicken Study (pecking order), Hugging Trees

Row one: Pastel My Parents, Impressionistic Brook, Shadow Play

Row two: Tree Speak Winter, detail Howie Portrait, detail Cocoon Woman Emerging

Row three: Polluth inspired Peaceful Meadow, Howling Trees (named by late pal Steve Selpal), Blue Winter

Row one: Earth Lady on wooden crate lid, Cabin on Saw Blade, Haunting woman on wood

Row two: Heart of The Matter, 2016 Boston Lesley College Exhibition, Hynes Event (Cambridge)

Row three: Tree Silhouettes, Yellow Winter, Melancholy Oscillation


gift for a family friend

CLICK to visit my FB ArtPage

Artwork 2017 Works In Progress. Unfinished collages and acrylics

Here are some new works. I especially enjoy collage.

Top row: Lady in Cocoon (collage and painting, torn paper background) Center top row: Self Portrait (collage and painting, to be in a Rhode Island show, Mar. 2018, details to follow) Top Row, 3rd image: Butterfly on caterpillar (painting and collage on paper)

Middle Row, first image: Detail of pine, unfinished acrylic painting. Center image: Masked lady in cocoon (Collage torn paper background, glitter wings, painted lady, yarn hair) 3rd Image middle row: Detail of unfinished acrylic painting

Third Row: Detail of acrylic painting of animated trees, unfinished 3rd row, 2nd image: detail trees unfinished acrylic

Kimberly Gerry Tucker:
fine artist, author, software tester, freelance writer, Vice President on Board of Directors with Art of Autism
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Life's Idiosyncratic Observations. Reflection, with an Asperger's viewpoint. A great WordPress.com site

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