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I had the great opportunity to represent Art of Autism with my art at this event in Dobbs Ferry NY on May 30. Some proceeds will go to AoA -any purchases from any artist in the show (commissioned or sold) made up to 30 days after the show. Artists present:


sleepingSnorlaxI caught many Sleeping Snorlax’s on the way.


Saw a giant Uncle Sam enroute… and a big Paul Bunyan seen here in my Pokemon Go Pokestop screenshot. I remember an Uncle Sam and Big Paul Bunyan from the Danbury (CT) Fairgrounds that used to have stock car races and big statues. (out of business). I am wondering if that’s where the statues are from. I’d say that’s definitely where they came from.


I think it is always wonderful to see electrical boxes spiffed up like this one.



I got a kick out of this gas station too.


We passed through Sleepy Hollow along the way and Al made the predictable jokes.

It was apparent when we arrived at the Hudson Building to install my paintings, that this spot was not to be parked in! I have never seen such a big cone.


When we arrived I was struck by the beauty of the grounds with it’s stone steps, gazebos, fountain and paths leading to private niches surrounded by flowers and trees. The grandeur of the building is striking considering I overhead someone remark “When they purchased this building it was a hot mess.” In 1853 the building was the site of a brewing company which explains its open floor plans and sturdy stone floors. The entrance:


When we arrived to install the art, Manuel (an enthusiastic very nice man with a French accent) explained that they were setting up a “red carpet.” This proved smart because the carpet (which turned out to be blue, not red) served as a route to follow from room to room, as the art was shown in several large open rooms.



I love exploring old buildings so I was happy we got lost in the building at first, trying to locate Manuel. I had a chance to see big old doors like this with sturdy nameplates. I got to peek into studios too, where I saw so many artworks in progress…


The windows surely looked original to the building.



This was the long walk to the ladies room which had interesting rustic copper faucets. I kept returning to the exhibits a different route from which I’d left for the restroom. The colorful carpet helped me not get lost though, once I spotted it I was back on track.


My son Silas, seen on the right in this photo, and his girlfriend Kat arrived shortly after the show began.


You can pick them out here in the crowd too- far right.


Wearing my ‘fancy pants,’ I kept trying to slip a note or a business card into a pocket only to remember my fancy pants had no pockets. They were fake. Sewn shut. Al later admitted having a similar issue. Here is my partner Al, parked in the hall near one of my paintings, perfect spot to catch the food trays going by! Catered by David DiBari- Gourmet Bites.


The following two photos show a wispy hanging artwork and the colorful shadows toward the ceiling; cast by colorful uplighting, placed just so.



This picture shows the “faery lighting” on the hall ceiling.


You won’t see pictures of me. I got caught in the rain on the way in and incidentally because I never asked anyone who was with me, to specifically take pictures, this one, drinking wine and talking, does exist. Just as well! I had a few conversations that were very nice, and was able to pass out AoA flyers and business cards too.


More interesting plays with shadow from strategically placed lighting.



These ‘masks’ are the work of Kaya Deckelbaum, whom I had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with.

See the 3-D sculpted angel in this piece?



The painting seen here by Ridikkuluz, amongst the crowd is very large. Here is a close-up.


Here is a view of the music (Jon Kass Trio) and wine table (and crowd).


Ever heard Macklemore’s song ‘Thrift Shop?’ I love that song and when I saw this art piece of a jacket with fake money sewn in, I kept hearing the Macklemore song in my head. A really imaginative one-of-a-kind piece, one of many hanging in one of the rooms by this particular artist.


I wondered how this was standing upright. Interesting design.




My own artwork is not pictured here in this blog except for the painting seen near Al earlier- I was far more intrigued by the art of everyone else and besides readers of this blog have already seen my work. It’s the first time my art has been displayed among such renowned artists and also the first time I am priced in four digits. For more info on whose art is made by whom, please see the earlier photo which lists these artists and do look them up. I’ve got links to a few here.

Speaking of art, have you read the book or seen the movie “Welcome to Marwen” with one of my favorite actors Steve Carell (who plays real-life PTSD vet and attack victim Mark Hogancamp? I have the book, and I recommend seeing the movie first… It takes a few liberties on the real story but is actually spot on for most of it. The movie may not be for everyone (it is quite sexist, [think over-the-top dolls dressed up in an overtly sexual manner and acting stereotypical with male dolls using terms for women like ironically “doll” and also “dame.”) The real man, Mark, who this is about has had traumatic brain injury.

Sexism aside, this movie is pretty moving and the true art involved and passion for craft from a man nearly beaten to death for crossdressing, is extraordinary. This is the coffee-table-style book I have on the true story. That is not a real man, it’s a picture of the plane and doll Mark created.

2019-06-01 09_57_03-Window


That’s all for now.


Link to Macklemore’s song Thrift Shop

Jerzy Kubina (exquisite in his ‘man bun’ – many men, young and old wore their hair this way and it was hot in the building, were I a man I would’ve too)- spoke with my son and his girlfriend but I did not cross paths with him although I did enjoy many conversations with other artists and art enthusiasts.

Welcome to Marwen

Marwencol book

info on Hudson River Landing Building link 

More about Hudson River Landing Building here

Olde Danbury Fair

Kaya Deckelbaum, sculptor, artist 







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