Unashamed Voices- adult and still #Actuallyautistic

This is blogpost with many links. Maybe you can read through first and then return and hit up all the links one by one, if any interest you.

I feel that I have not written as much lately but I’ve been blogging with Art of Autism.

Here is: An article/interview I participated in recently with #AllisonKnight about being an older adult who happens to be autistic. You don’t stop having sensitivities, communication challenges, being autistic… just because you become an adult.


This is going to be a busy few months coming up. In October I did some B-Roll with Keri Bower for her upcoming film Desire, in which my trans son plays a large part. I’m now labeled “Talent Coordinator.”

#bowerbirdsart Keri seen here with Travis Breeding, image promo from Keri’s Instagram.

I’ll be seeing Keri again in NYC for filming and also for a visit here in my home town as well as possibly attending a play together.

My art and my grandson’s art as well as many talented artists have art in this #AnnieTorsiglieri play: ATrain.

Here’s my art:


I’ve been immersing myself in art! What else is New. Anyway as such I ruin a lot of clothing that way. My son took one of my paintings-my version of a Manet, and had it put the loveliest apron. Now all my paint and glue hit the apron and not my clothing! He added a lovely quote too. Unfortunately the company got the quote wrong and put “Kmart” instead of “art.” I refuse to return it though. I don’t mind the typo. It always makes me smile.

In other news: I got a shiny Spoink in PokemonGo! Friend me:

Neurodiverse? Do any kind of art?Please send me an email of you and your art at


to appear on Art of Autism’s People of Diversity Speaking (an ongoing mosaic page)

Also email me if you submissions for our March Forward contest. There will be a prize. Details to follow but the contest is for children who have done artwork of a woman in history, past or present, whom they admire. The prize is for the children submissions but feel free to send along your depiction of a woman you admire for posting to AoA Fb and or site.

Hope to hear from you!

I’ve got work showing in Rhode Island at the above location and dates. The theme is animals.

Did you catch this episode? Alex was so good!

An episode of Hell on Wheels filmed in my hometown of Seymour. He visited during Autumn and called the valley “the heart of New England.”

It really is easy to take our foliage for granted. The show had a shot of my old grade school- the one I write about in my book and it showed truly beautiful tree lined roadways I travel daily. 🙂

Here is a cake I made at Christmas:

It was good!

Bye for now!

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