Art is Not A Crime and other miscellany

Look for my friend Keri in the audience of an upcoming Let’s Make a Deal. Although she wasn’t chosen, she had great seats and got lots of screen-time.

On a different tack, don’t fall for the Slovenia scam. I’d no sooner delete the number and block it then another call would come in. Thank goodness I didn’t answer it or call back the number. It’s a known scam.

My son sent me this picture. He sat behind a lady on the bus. Who was wearing this puzzle piece hairpiece. He said he thought of me.

I’m going to be blogging soon about some of the critters that reside in my house, including this hissing cockroach. Stay tuned!

Check out this Facebook flash book memory that cropped up from when my grandson was 5 yrs. old:

Some bits of my art collages in progress:

Here is a link to a blog I wrote for art of

autism. It’s called Art is Not A Crime

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