Disconnecting Through Connection

Reposted from my ravenambitionWordpress site In reading Jim Sterba’s ‘Frankie’s Place’, Jim refers to reading material that one brings into the bathroom to read as “toi lit.” People still do that, right? This term amuses me. I’ve always been a voracious reader; that hasn’t changed. But I used to enjoy reading ‘the newspaper.’ That was […]

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Prompt: Disobey

I’ve never participated in a WordPress blog prompt. The prompt is “Disobey.” Here’s my take on that. If you google it, Disobey is a music video, an apparel line, and a website for the discontented. “The Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge will award $250,000 to an individual or a group […]

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On Curiosity 

My autodidactic passion for learning is perpetual. And Einstein is right. Question everything. There’s a reason for curiosity. It leads to lots of things. On that note, why would someone make curious art like this? Because they can. Because it’s cool.  Art. Here is a story about a mural I painted years ago.  The woman […]

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When The Hairy Panic Sets In

So… this is Hairy Panic Tumbleweed: “It’s physically draining and mentally more draining,” exclaimed resident Pam Twitchett, who is one of many citizens trying frantically to clean it up. It’s presently overtaking an Australian town. As soon as they clean it up, more blows right on in! When I saw this news item, I had […]

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My kitty and my view: satisfied

I am satisfied enough with my lot in life. In this particular grey house, I have lived for almost 22 years. I didn’t intend to stay this long. It was ‘temporary’; yet here I am, two children nudged from the nest to find living space elsewhere. One daughter remains. So for years I’ve had the […]

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