On Curiosity 

My autodidactic passion for learning is perpetual. And Einstein is right. Question everything. There’s a reason for curiosity. It leads to lots of things. On that note, why would someone make curious art like this?

Because they can. Because it’s cool. 

Art. Here is a story about a mural I painted years ago. 

The woman who shopped with me for mural supplies, suggested paint rollers to do the mural. I ended up getting some at her insistence. She wanted me to buy a “textured” roller which would make a texture on the wall. Grass?

So anyway when all was quiet with no one around (the wall was in an adult day center) I thought I should use the textured roller (since she bought it). I had applied paint to the whole wall with a one inch brush, and also an even smaller brush; more control that way-smaller the better for me anyway. 

 It would be polite I thought, to use the textured roller she bought for me. So I couldn’t find the handle (there was a handle, right?) but I thought I could put paint directly on the roller with a little brush and roll the textured roller over the wall with my hand inside the holes on either end of the roller.


Stiff fingers-me! I dropped the thing, splattering greenish paint in a shmear down the wall and then my roller rolled across the stark white antiseptic-clean floor.

It left quite a colorful paint trail.  I thought the lady in the office could see my reflection in the plate glass window behind me, so I cleaned up quickly with my spray bottle and paper towels. 

I thought “I can do this” so I put even more paint on the roller with a brush and started rolling along the wall but it slipped again and there you go- textured grass effects all over the floor in a line-

The roller got clumsily away from me.


I wadded the roller in a mass of newspaper that was pretty because it had caught some spatters from the fiasco and as it was showing the traces of my deed, I threw the messy textured roller and all of the newspaper and paper towels in the trash. I buried them a little. 

I just knew she’d question me later about what happened to her textured roller. Being honest she did ask; and I didn’t  lie-I even offered to pay for it. 

Ah the 

Misadventures In Art. 

Here is how I passed some time last week. Got really messy in a colorful way with a child. 

Never doubt there’s a child in you. 

I do doubt lots of things, and although I’m a numerology fanatic, I’m iffy about astrology even though so many civilizations are planned around it…

I was reading the other day, a book called ‘The Hot One‘ which is a murder mystery involving an ex of Ashton Kutcher. It’s by Carolyn Murnick. 

There’s a very persuasive argument in the book pro-astrology, the most convincing one I’ve heard to support the validity of it. It went something like this:

If the moon RULES and affects the tides in great oceans (it does)…and human bodies are approximately 75% water, then why is it so unbelievable to assume we too are affected by astral bodies?

It’s a great argument. Hey it makes sense. We have to ask these types of questions. 

I’ve always told my children (now grown) that you can’t own nature, but the capture and study of insects is and always has been a big part of my life. I encourage people to read the autobiographies of Beatrix Potter. Truly in a different era she would’ve been an etymologist, a scientist, botanist or biologist. Curiosity is a precious thing. 

 I’m currently (with my grandson) raising a mantis, who has moulted once. See it’s old skin here. 

This fellow came surprisingly close to me in a parking lot. I’m sure it was the squashed cookie near the car!

Here is some bits of color I’ve been putting down. Unfinished. 

My youngest child made “Sticky” over a decade ago- Sticky  is a happy fixture on my shelf. Note the resemblance to an actual stick bug!

Recently I saw an odd tiny beetle the shape of a ladybug and oh so quick to skitter beneath the rose bush. It was iridescent orange. At first I mistook it for a sequin until it moved because it would be entirely reasonable to spot a sequin in my yard. Upon searching for what the beetle was named (alas I did not satisfy that mystery) I came across these bugs. Happy seeming bugs:

They are like real live emojis. 

Today would’ve been Howie’s 55th birthday. 

Aug. 15, 1962- June 15, 2005. 

Wishing peace. 

Rock art by Japanese artist 

Hirotoshi Ito:


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