#SugarArtForAutism, Kimberly Gerry-Tucker art, Cakes and cakes!

I recall when my mother discovered how to pipe butter cream frosting roses. It was the first time I’d heard of wax paper, which is what the trays of roses went on when they went into the fridge. At about 7 or 8 years old, I was an adept student of frosting flowers. It (frosting) is still a fave ‘food.’ I got the knack of making frosting roses pretty quickly, as did she, and it was quite fun sneaking a rose from the fridge when no one was looking, I can still feel it’s inner sweet soft creamy delight melting on my tongue…..

I’ve been putting off writing an up-to-date blog since my old Word Press blog design was discontinued and this new format took over. I like the old set-up better. Maybe the pandemic has got me feeling down. If my ascending weight is any indication of feeling down then that’s a solid yes. Even so, writing is therapeutic so here I am. Art is a go-to for doldrums as well and I’ve been doing that as much as possible.


I thank you Dina Nakad for the opportunity to see the artists who interpreted some artworks of mine into cake over the years. I am visual, so here are some beautiful cakes, the artworks of mine they were inspired by, and a link to the artists.

Enrique Rojas from HAVE SOME CAKE and my art on the left which also appeared on an Art of Autism book: Artism… Shattering Myths…


Art of Autism book

Here is my artwork this stunning cake was inspired by. The original watercolor on paper was purchased years ago by a special education teacher for his office.

I never did take a good photo of the art. We were lucky that it could have enough clarity to be on this book.

This particular collage I did, was inspiration for a cake made by Calli Hopper of Calli Creations. She did a dress design too, which truly captured the essence of my artwork here.


One day I splattered paint on my face and then used the photos as inspiration for this digital art I created. The cake it inspired ended up in a magazine. The artist was also inspired by this collage I made:

The cake artist is Sophia Fox. Here is her cake, above

Sophia Fox

Cakes & Sugarcraft magazine

The next artwork of mine, may seem familiar as it was chosen for Samantha Craft’s book Everyday Aspergers.

The book

The cake:

Kamila Adamschek, the cake artist is a gifted artist. She made a lovely cake here.

Check out this cake by cake artist Carla Rodrigues – Pepper Posh Cakes.

Carla was inspired by this very old so-so artwork of mine, a very early acrylic that she saw online. She can sculpt!!

I had a lot of fun cutting and creating this collage.

It became a cake! Imagine that!

Cake artist: Oano Butto, She really captured the artwork.

Next year I have an announcement or two of my own about SugarArt4Autism. I can’t wait to share, but it is still in the works.

If I have left anyone out who was inspired by my work and made their interpretation of it into a cake, notify me, I will add it here! My next blog coming soon, about art of autism’s women’s history month, which I thoroughly enjoyed working on!

Oh, before I forget, this from a co-worker, who is reading my book

I am not good at “tooting my own horn” so bear with me, this made my day:

Alicia: I wanted to tell you how much I like your book. It has made me laugh hard and cry some too. we grew up very differently but I love the way that family is everything to you…you have gone through unimaginable stuff and you are so talented in art, writing, advocacy and computers- a woman after my own heart!

Me: Pardon the typos. When my agent let me go after the 2 year period, I scrambled to quickly get the book back up- thus too many typos I haven’t fixed yet.

Alicia: Oh… I thought the formatting was planned that way-you know, like ‘quirky!’

I love my co-workers!

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