Storm Connecticut May 15, 2018

Did we have a tornado in Seymour?

This photo is taken by my son’s friend here in my town.

My iPhone pictures aren’t the best; they’re taken from a moving car. We were lucky really. Easy to take infrastructure for granted, until one no longer has it, and since I work from home this means no WiFi= no work.

I am not sure if these three ominous predictions came to pass yesterday but I’m hearing they did in some parts of the state:

Hail the size of tennis balls.

100 mile an hour wind gusts in places.


I do know that there were a lot of lightning strikes. The storm seemed to pass over so quickly yesterday and yet it left such destruction. The power went off pretty quickly.

Here is the first iPhone warning of several I received:

Al and I rode around a little last night after it passed. My son had a 1/2 baked pizza in the oven when the power went out.

This is the sky by the dam, which apparently had gates closed. Because normally after pounding rains it is flowing pretty wildly. This is the calm after the storm. In areas, the atmosphere had a surreal peach glow and in other areas it was dark and gloom.

Anyway in 100% humidity it was cooler outside than in the house. I had a few wine coolers and read a book by the iPhone flashlight. I came across these lines which amused me:

The book is “Net of Dreams,” about Holocaust survivors who, after their experience appreciate ALL aspects of life. The doctor muses in the book that tree cutters ruined the charm of the town he wished to settle in and at the sight of this, he had to settle elsewhere.

Al and I went to a neighboring town for early coffee this morning -our town is 97% without power and a recent iPhone alert promises this will take some time to fix.

So we did a little sight seeing by car and found many charred trees from lightning strikes and many downed tree “chains” where it seemed a tornado may have touched down. It could happen! A tornado took the roof off a trailer in this town a few years ago.

Here is some of the mess we saw, not very good pictures. One stately old colonial house had a huge pine sitting across its dented in roof. Many cars were buried under trees in their driveways.

That pole has a scary lean.

Downtown snapped pole. Looks like I cannot steal library WiFi for work as that road is still roped off from yesterday and besides no power anywhere 🙂

Tomorrow I may try to hang at a Starbucks (for the WiFi) in a nearby town so I can get in a few work hours-hopefully on one of the couches. I hope the hubbub of the place doesn’t do me in.

Al has diabetes meds in the fridge so looks like we will be leaving soon for ice and lighter fluid as he wants to cook up meat on the grill before it goes bad.

My latest iPhone alert:

For a dinky outdated SE iPhone I am very thankful to have it, I’ve recharged it in the car by USB and will be doing that again soon. It is helpful for weather alerts and it may even let me post this blog. We shall see. Much social media cannot update though but at least I can tell time with the phone and have a built in flashlight.

Electricity. How we depend on it so fully!

I walk from room to room and muscle memory has my hands reaching for light switches. I’ve planned salads for supper all week so at least that!

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