Ugly smokestacks and wastes of time

I’m sitting in a Doc appointment waiting room now; near a very pessimistic older woman who’s going on about her troubles; to her companion, a woman she didn’t expect to see here. They’re hugging because the companion’s name just got called to see the doctor.

“Now don’t go putting anything on the air about what I tole you!”

“Why I would do that?”

“Hope to see you round soon. I love you. I love you, girl.”

“I luh you too baby!”

Okay now she’s making a call to someone on her cell and talking into a mouthpiece… “Why she think anyone care if she don’t know who her baby daddy is? And why she assume I’m gonna put that business on the air. You know I ain’t like that, Diane…”

Comic relief for me at the rheumatology clinic.

What a crap couple of days I have had. Tree cutters were back on the block. So far (fingers crossed) “my” tree is spared. But it lost a giant limb which is just hanging, so its days are numbered. I did a digital rendering of trees with animated faces because my anxiety was heightened.

My account where I receive book royalties was hacked.

My banking info had the name of some man with his checking account and routing number filled in.

That’s the actual info!

This morning Al spilled coffee on the nice laptop I just got him last year.


The drive here to the clinic was fairly uneventful. No traffic. The sky is gray this morning; my favorite sky. The nude trees’ limbs show against the sky in a beautiful mosaic sort of way. Saw a group of turkeys in someone’s side yard-must’ve been thirty of them. So my mood was lifting and then…

I saw a bird soar straight on through a pillar of smoke cascading up from a building. It flew right through the smoke column and that saddened me in some inexplicable way.

The woman is still talking into her headset:

“Took the trash out this morning,” she’s saying, “Somethin’ was smellin’ in there…”


So my name was called in record time and I’m home now.

I hope the rest of the day is better.


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