A Visual Blog, Some Favorite Pictures, From Ants To Mimes

About seven years ago I walked into a friend’s kitchen and saw a surprising sight. Ants were marching- swarming really– the butter dish, the corners of the counter top, the dish sponge. Ew!. What to do? We tried an ant killer called Revenge which promised that it’s “weather resistant granules attracts and kills both sweet and grease/protein eating ants (including entire colony and queen). ”

So my friend followed the directions and put some Revenge liquid on a scrap of junk mail. This is what I saw a few hours later when I walked into the kitchen:

10400208_1079468507753_5559831_nI call this photo: “Ants can’t read, apparently…”

It can also be called “Last Supper.” It’s one of my favorite pictures. Here’s another favorite picture which I took myself:


My picture tells a story, doesn’t it? I was tie dying some shirts that day (obviously) and when it came time to clean up the mess; I hung my shirt over the bathroom safety rail to dry. When I returned to the room hours later, I was surprised to see that the toilet paper roll had actually been a bit too close to the shirt. It tie dyed itself!

I’ve posted the following picture before:

10730995_10203713443737415_5725537032888684935_nGet it? I set up One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish!

In 2007, I was walking through the arts district in New Haven with my friend Barb when we stopped in to a coffee shop. I liked the high ceiling, paintings on the walls from local artists, leather armchairs and best of all, I liked the ladies’ rest room. I couldn’t resist taking this picture:

kjlmSee me in the mirror with my trusty cell phone? On the wall behind me can be seen a “banana moon” similar to the ones in Van Gogh paintings.

Sometimes a person is in the right place at the right time to take a picture of something that’s just…ODD. The next photo was captured at one such opportune moment. It wasn’t even around Halloween time which makes it stranger. Five years ago, I went with a friend to a local printing company- so he could get business labels and cards made up; when I saw this in the parking lot and snapped a picture:

huhIt’s a mannequin. In a parking lot.

013Imagine going on a Sunday drive in the Spring. You end up in a town you’re unfamiliar with and decide to stop at a pizza place you’ve never been in before. Then imagine using the ladies room and finding this mural painting on the rest room wall! I just had to take a picture. I am pretty sure that whoever the artist was, he/she referenced a famous painting, but I am not sure which one. It wasn’t a stick-on. Nor was it wallpaper. I felt the wall and this was done with paint. I sometimes talk about my father. Heck, I even put his face on my book, Under The Banana Moon. He has been a life preserver and a support all my life. It’s his nature to help people. I once caught him handing a twenty dollar bill to a young family “for your little one.” He didn’t think I saw him do that, as we were leaving the restaurant that day. How appropriate, I always thought, for someone who is always lending a helping hand to family and strangers alike- to have the following tree growing in his front yard:

IMG_1296See the hand?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy daughter took this picture. Ground level, the side of my house.

10994436_10203955229261902_5019423459970805037_nI received this photo of my mother in the mail. I have never seen a picture of my mother as a teenager, so this was pretty special; opening up a manila envelope -return address Vermont- from my Aunt, and finding this! Look here:


I told you this was a visual blog! Above are a few of my favorite pet pictures…Mr. Po is the orange one. Pepper, the little guy in the shoe, passed a few years ago. He lived a long life. Minnie my dog is sniffing the rose.

10373977_10202245527400424_2861360733802340434_n10171164_10202245528160443_7896165480153420109_nMy grandson and I have this little game we play, where we put stickers on my fish bathtub shower curtain…

10168125_10201885904450075_2132034903_n10156028_10201885905930112_1606575774_n1533820_10201885906370123_1598392783_n1150908_10201885902930037_358833572_nCar wash!!!

10487227_10203758851792588_7420181868210381683_n45683_1372589435593_3461598_nI eat popcorn every single day… I love it, and judging by the way these kernels arranged themselves, it loves me too! I did not arrange them, I rose to bring my bowl to the kitchen and they were smiling up at me. Same thing happened one day with some eggs I was making my grandson.

314716_2083133318746_1741543219_nI took this picture myself, after climbing some monkey bars at a playground to get the shot.

579311_3852106941981_652740534_nHere is one of many pictures I took at a Pink Floyd concert. Not the real Pink Floyd, an impersonator group. Although I have seen Roger Waters twice, pictures were not allowed at those concerts.

74317_4252794638923_1714086063_nHow could I not be very proud of this picture? My painting “Shattered Image” was chosen for the cover of the book.

856129_4447147497623_1291203875_oIt’s winter as I write this and some of us can’t wait for spring. This picture, taken of my side door, illustrates that point very well.

984034_10202035269264102_4101565798697191509_nMy thumb is not wearing a yarmulke. I nearly cut the tip of it off last summer.

I was going to end this visual blog with a picture of me that my son photoshopped. But I can’t seem to locate it. it was a doozy. He put my head on David Hosselhoff’s body. So I leave you with this one instead:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s another favorite picture of mine. I didn’t take it, Amy Tuccio did, but the subject in the photo is me.

I’m working on a blog about a burn survivor. It should be forthcoming by the end of the week!

Bye for now! Oh, if you wish to repost my pictures, please give Kimberly Gerry Tucker the credit and send me a link. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “A Visual Blog, Some Favorite Pictures, From Ants To Mimes

  1. This old house where I live has colonies of ants living in it, and I’ve sealed up cracks with joint compound on the walls and caulk on the woodwork. But before I did that, I found I could create my own “traps”. If you have ants anywhere around your kitchen sink, run water to get the sink wet, then sprinkle a teaspoon of cherry Kool-Aid around it before you go to bed at night. When you get up, there will be hundreds of ants eating up that sugared Kool-Aid, and you can flush them down with water and give them a ride on the garbage disposal. Once ants find sugar, THEY DON’T LEAVE, they just keep eating it. Gross, but it works. If you keep doing it, attrition eventually gets all of them.

    I usually eat in my living room, on the Ottoman, watching TV. There have been times I’ve dropped little pieces of things, and later I would see bunches of ants working on the crumbs of whatever. I found that I could leave little pieces of potato chip on the carpet, and within an hour or so, it would be COVERED with ants. Then I would tear off 2 or 3 inches of duct tape, and press it down on them to pick them all up. Then fold the duct tape over and dispose of it. I know, also gross, but that’s why I used caulk and joint compound to seal all the cracks where they got in.

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    1. Ingenious! I have a friend who mixes equal parts Borax and confectioners sugar. I’ll never forget one house I lived in that had HUGE ants. I had invited my mother over for cake and coffee. The cake was an Entenmanns’ orange glazed and I hadn’t opened it yet. It was in the cupboard. I went in the kitchen a half hr. before she was to arrive (she was at work at a school cafeteria) and I heard crunching. I could actually hear eating. I yanked the cake down and when I saw it was covered in a black moving mass even though the box was unopened, I dropped it on the corner and a dozen or so scattered. That old house was on a hill above a fast moving very deep, river. Those ants were bigger than any I’d seen in my life. I called my mother at work after getting brave enough to lift the Entenmanns box and throw it outside. Not that that mattered. They could’ve got back in, apparently. She talked to the janitor at the school who let her bring me an industrial brand ant spray. I removed everything from the cupboards and sprayed everywhere. I put the food in bins. I only lived there a year and some of the bugs I came across made the place memorable. I’d rather use a natural remedy as opposed to chemicals like your duct tape and Koolaid and garbage disposal methods.

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  2. Yeah, I don’t like using any kind of poison, but I don’t suppose my methods are any more humane. I dislike doing it, but I just can’t have them crawling around on my dishes and silverware or invading containers of food.


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