Feeling around in a flowery diction

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Have you ever felt you resided inside that place in a harmonica where moist breath and music meet?
Have you ever felt like one of those perfectly imperfect pine trees that grow sideways on golf courses?
Ok well have you ever felt like a collection of soft blue, pink, white grey lint, like the kind in dryer traps?
Yes to all.
I do not envy the person who asks me “how do you feel?”
I’ll get a gleam around my eyes and not fully being in touch with conventional terms:
Sad, happy, sick, angry, etcetera…I’m apt to get flighty on the question-asker.
That’s not to say I haven’t learned pat answers:
“Fine thanks. You?”
I can do that!
But it “feels” uninformative and a trifle phony.

My book Under the Banana Moon (as of this writing ) is reduced for the holidays. If you haven’t read it yet or you have enjoyed it, now’s the time to consider getting a copy for you or for a fellow reader in your circle. Feedback welcome!

So what are you waiting for, I dare you to get it and come back here and tell me how YOU feel about it!
(No pat answers though. Deal?)

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