Under the banana moon finally has an official website


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Finally my book has an official website.

After days of working on this site for my book, I can get back to blogging!


2 thoughts on “Under the banana moon finally has an official website

  1. Have you published it already? I’d like to know the process…What do you do after writing a book?

    I searched for an agent.
    After many rejections I found one in love with the book. Look online for agents interested in your type of book. Target them with the best query letter you can do. Try an up to date Writers Market for tips on great queries or use tips you can get online. The first sentence could dictate if its going in the recycle pile or not.
    Of course make sure your book is exactly the way it should be- the best of your ability.
    If you’re sick of agent shopping, self publish somewhere like Lulu.
    Good luck. What’s your book about?


  2. Checked it all out. Great website!

    I’ve been working on it awhile.
    I had to rewrite it recently when I realized the bio section and the ‘about me’ page were do alike. I’m continually editing and adding the friends page


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