Art and free signed book

I wanted to offer these arts, which have a signed UNDER THE BANANA MOON book included with each purchase. They are going to be packed off to a gallery where they’ll sit a while and be priced much higher. If they sell here it frees up space. These are all in 100 to 200 dollar range. Depending on size a gallery will ask from 300 to 750 plus they get commission. Please share. Ask me if there are questions regarding dimensions and whether they’re framed, etc.

Please share.

abstract collage
my neural pathway collage
still we rise (detailsDetailsDetails) Collage
walk in solitude collage (details including nudes)
watchful beauties on the bank collage
fun tree collage (inquire about pic of entire canvas, this is a portion
collage of wanderer
Corona crowned goddess with food labels collage
Aussie tree inspired by Donna Williams- Acrylic
faux Van Gogh ACRYLIC
HOPE (this collage appeared on the cover of Kaleidoscope magazine)
One with nature reading tree Acrylic
ACRYLIC self portrait. Truly my signature piece, color is brighter red than photo shows here. Been on a book cover.
hugging trees (lots of cutting!) collage
one backlit tree collage
shadow play Acrylic

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