Covid 19 sadness. Restless..

.my sore throat is from dust from cleaning closets. My anxiety though is from hell.

I’ve not been out since Thursday. This is Sunday. I lied. I’ve gotten the mail on my porch. I’ve gone from low carb searching for ingredients like MCT oil, Miracle noodle fettuccini shirataki and Ghee to carb loading comfort French fries dripping with ketchup.

I discovered a new artist. Here is her bio statement.

Link to her work at bottom of this blog.

…..a Yale professional’s thoughts on stress: Stress is exacerbated by: unpredictability, uncontrollability, something chronic and sustained. The whole globe is in that situation.

I can wrap a leaf around myself or several leaves, if I could stitch many together. But let’s say I found one big enough. I could be a human caterpillar isolating in the mysterious dark and waiting patiently for transformation. Spin silk even. Plan new beginnings. But you know I am not going to wrap a leaf or leaves around myself. What are words anyway but inventions. A construct? Like time. Here is a digital Art I made recently.


So is anyone online shopping/browsing for fun? My favorite perusal pages to shop? Cabinet knobs! The array available is astounding. I bought ten of these:

I love antiques too. Patina spots. Silver-black signs of age. Well worn places. Rough spots. Sturdy no-nonsense frame. Well made. Lots of use left. Time tested. Takes a lickin -keeps going. Weathered storms. Great height. Secrets buried within. Am I describing myself?

So I made a nursery rhyme collage too.

Largely out of scale spider not so itsy-bitsy has weathered a downpour.

Some good has come don’t you think? It’s as if Earth had creepy crawly infectious parasitic infestations like lice, scabies, mites, ticks. WE are that lice. We humans. Earth said “You have made me sick. Your turn.”

And the world slowed down.

And threw their gloves on the ground. Like narcissistic ignorants.


If I were a kid during this it would have been anxiety provoking but also fun! No sports. No gym class. Woohoo! No oral reports. Plenty of written homework. Yes! Keep 6 feet apart. Delivery folks: leave it on the porch. Yeah! Social distance? No problem! No gatherings no problem.

On the downside I’m not getting to go on my two weekend concert getaways this summer. Upside? My work at home job is taking care of us. I feel so deeply and have been sad for all who are going through these upheavals. I’ve been doing things like clean closets, decluttering and so forth.


Here is a stimmy snazzy iPad case.

I normally stim by perusing online sites and adding things to shopping carts I’ll never buy. But lately I’ve been buying! Stuff I have on the way by post: my Zenni glasses, capris and spring blouses just arrived and of course the cabinet knobs are on their way. I also ordered a device to open my floppy discs from the 90s. Probably mostly corrupted but maybe I can salvage old writing and pictures from them. I also sent in all my 8mm home movies from around the time Howie got sick. To be transferred to thumb drives for easy viewing.

At least the telemarketers have been affected. No spam calls since this started! And: the once-dirty canals in Italy have cleared themselves of pollution now that boat traffic has ceased. Dolphins are frolicking there now. The ten lane highways in smoggy California are in a word: empty. Which means the normal congestion of autos is not contributing to pollution.

Digital Art:

Wash your hands thoroughly. Go outside for fresh air.

Put an LP on the old #recordPlayer and #closeYourEyes.


As my friend April says: “Painters will paint. Poets will write.”

Also true: Bitchers will bitch.

My book: if link doesn’t work (WordPress acting up today) then Google “under the banana moon Tucker Amazon.”

Link to the artist I mentioned in the first paragraph:


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