Unconventional Unconditional Love

“Gee… good thing I’m wearing my glasses or I’d be wearing your mucous on my eyeballs.”

How many times have I said that? I say it a LOT. #ElderlyCat #CatSneeze

Yesterday my son got married at a castle outdoors. Here’s a picture of my youngest granddaughter.

Windy and 45 degrees. But we bundled up. My charming 5 yr. old granddaughter says:

“Oh. It’s cold. I wish I wore pants made of coat.”

It struck me funny.

Here are some of the views.

The couple.

My son and his wife wrote their own vows and their friend officiated. He was proud that Superman was inscribed on his wedding ring and his last line of his vows made reference to the old Nintendo game. Something like this- ‘he finally got the princess in the castle. ‘

He was also proud that this guy was able to attend:

He sleeps with this monkey, (no secret. His wife announced this) – Monkey is dressed for the occasion. Monkey is holding Squiddy. My son has been taking pictures of Squiddy in various poses… for at least a decade. Long before it became cool to do this with Elf on a Shelf. He’s now a photographer actually. Very proud of him.

I brought morning glory seeds to the wedding and planted them near the tower. Seeds from my own personal yearly garden.

Back to my cat. I’ve had him as long as a long term relationships. 18 years. He’s frail. Slower. And excretes many things. But still happy and loving.

On the topic of unconditional love. This dog.

Never before have I shared space with such a neurotic dog. And I’ve had a lot of dogs. In a word: Stubborn. She has chewed EVERY pillow she’s ever had and every dog bed too.

She’s nearly 7 yrs. old and a lesson in patience. Recently got her this which helps her chewing herself or rubbing on sharp edges until she’s bloody. It’s bacon flavored cannabis drops -minus the THC – and they really work to curb her excessive licking. She licked Al’s tiny nick on his arm while he was watching TV; so determinedly over and over, that Al started bleeding –a lot.

We are still working on the chewing thing. It’s only beds and soft things she chews. The vet had her on Prozac which we got from CVS but it became too expensive. The vet jokes: “Is that spot on her head an “off” button?” And Al and I remark in unison: “I wish!” It’s always this conversation.

She’s very mothering. Plays with cats and loves children. “Nurse Minnie.” Also crazyminnie neuroticminnie, hyperminnie…..

The vet recommends a Benadryl now and then. At night I must stack chairs on the couch and barricade off sharp areas so she won’t dig holes in the furniture or rub against things. . She can’t be crated because she panics and goes Hulk on them. Gotta love her! We do.

Certainly, having to care like this unconditionally has helped Al’s PTSD immensely. I believe we have this dog for a reason.


I went to the AANE conference in Boston recently and Tony Attwood was the presenter.

I was a little late but only missed a little of the Special Interests presentation. I am sure Al picked up on many things he already knew about me and mine, but it was wonderful watching him take in the information. I sold my metamorphosis painting. Here is me when I was working on it.

This is going to be an exciting year, full of change and daring Projects to come. I hope to meet Keri Bowers early November in NYC and discuss the way in which I can contribute to her film Desire.

Gotta go!


Oh btw here’s some digital work I’ve been doing for fun based on paintings and collages I’ve done.

P.S.S. Does that bone shaped box that I posted earlier in this post, look like a boobs graphic to you? It does to me. :)🍌🌙💛

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