(closed) #Kingpet Mister Po Moving up in the Polls

Click my link, share me- vote for my 15 year old feline fantasticness? The link is at the bottom of the post. 

I used to have a close friend. Let’s call her Jen.  I escaped there when caring for my terminally ill husband became consuming. With his blessing I’d walk to the corner with the monitor on my hip so I could hear him signal if he needed me. 

Jen had a LOT of cats. I rescued Po from what would’ve been a certain death. His head was wobbly; seemingly too big for his body, like a frail baby bird abandoned by his stray feral mother. My friend watched as a hawk snatched up Po’s twin. 

Since I had Boost nutritional drinks on hand, (I fed my spouse several times a day through a stomach tube)  I fed Po this way along with kitten milk when I could afford it, with a baby bottle every few hours. 

I think “contests” like this raise awareness to the fact that so many cats need homes. If in fact Po does win a ton of cat food, some local cat rescue organizations will be receiving some. That’s a heartfelt promise. 

I don’t believe Po supports Trump. He just enjoys being silly. Plus, he’s 15, has a sweet disposition and let’s me dress him up. 

Vote now? Vote daily! Click below. 



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