Just Random Photos

boston1 bostonstones Boston photos I took

Below: Boston Aquarium


fish3 moray3



Top two pictures: photo credits Kerry Tucker


BELOW: master of camouflage


(above) photo credit: Al Phaneuf

Do you see it? There’s a bird hiding here.



Found this bathroom mural in the arts district New Haven




left: I made this mini Van Gogh of Crows Over a Wheatfield. It’s about an inch by 2 1/2 inches.





Above: photo credit me  Rested a wet tie dyed shirt a little too close to the toilet paper roll. Absorbent, isn’t it?

egg IheartU

I took these as well. The top left was a happy accident. The leaf on the right is a photo by Kerry Tucker

IMG_0482 left : my dog when she was a puppy


Photo credit: me. Below: I snapped this Kanga at an Australian Pink Floyd show The big inflatable was bobbing all overIMG_0699




Here’s a close up of the owl. Remember I told you to look for a bird in the other photo? It was watching for roadkill.

my footprintIMG_1251



 ABOVE: the day’s spoils

I leave you with this. This is the other photo I took in the bathroom in the Audobon St. Arts district. It was inside the bathroom of a coffee shop…kjlm

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