Fun fun fun Playing With Words

A shot in the dark. —–
A dot in the shark.

A self constructed riddle or—–
A self constricted ruddle?

Hmmm, twisting words. A deliberate error of speech or sometimes simply the accidental play on words with corresponding vowels, consonants or morphemes ( smallest grammatical unit in language) are switched within a phrase. These fun word plays are called “spoonerisms.”

Here’s one spoonerism my late husband used to enjoy: you see we had friends, a couple called Sheri and Scott. One day he accidentally tongue-tied himself right into a spoonerism and henceforth he purposefully persisted in calling them “Scary and Shot. ”
I always loved that.
The best spoonerisms sneak up on you like
“I gotta lake these reaves!”

Here’s some more:

It’s kisstomary to cuss the bride.
(It’s customary to kiss the bride!)
A well boiled icycle.
(A well oiled bicycle!)
The Lord is a shoving leopard.
(Loving shepherd…!)

A cozy nook
Transforms to
A nosy cook!

Lighting a fire
Fighting a liar!

Be mindful of what you speak. These things are fun but when they pop out accidentally they can sometimes be misconstrued ( or perhaps justifiably construed as ‘Freudian slips!’ You see, Freud, whom I don’t put much stock into, I’m more thought. In any case Freud..thought of this stuff as psycholinguistics… )
Think of Freudian slips like this: saying
“I wish you were her!”
Instead of “I wish you were here !”
But no that’s really a malapropism, isn’t it? Im not sure. Maybe it’s both.

Don’t even get me started on malapropisms. Ok here goes. A malapropism is the humorous misuse of a word resulting
in confusing it with a similar “sounding” word.

Perhaps the most famous and humorous ‘malapropism user’ or some people may say ‘word murderer’ was Yankee Yogi Berra…..Oh and also George W. Bush…
Add to that shortlist my infamous beloved father, current significant other, and late spouse!

George W. said:
“The law I sign today directs new funds… to the task of collecting vital intelligence… on weapons of mass production.”
Here are some Yogi classics:
“He hits from both sides of the plate. He’s amphibious.”
“I’m a lucky guy and I’m happy to be with the Yankees. And I want to thank everyone for making this night necessary.”
“It ain’t the heat, it’s the humility.”

Gotta love him. I hope I have added something to your day!
Notice the visual pun of Sigmund Fraud in this post. I couldn’t resist. Hey I just used a malopropism while “Sigmund Fraud” is also simultaneously considered a Freudian slip!!! I’m enjoying myself so much.

20130920-124702.jpgnote: I assume this cartoon is in public domain, if not, please contact me and I will add credit!


8 thoughts on “Fun fun fun Playing With Words

  1. I like to mix metaphors, like:
    “A stitch in time is worth two in the bush.”
    “A bird in the hand gathers no moss.”
    I used to have a bunch of ’em, but I’ve forgotten some.


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