DYI, Pillaged Nest, Gay Pride, Mouthwash

I wonder if you have read my last blog post, in I which mentioned a bird nest I was keeping an eye on. It started with 4 beautiful blue eggs in it, and then eventually there were two-which hatched into birds almost ready to leave the nest. They were maybe a week away from wings.

A Co-worker has referred me to an article stating Blue Jays would not harm the babies or abandon them if she smelled human scent. Nevertheless I only peeked in on their progress every few days. I was even booped once and I deserved it. The Mother Jay sort of bopped me. I had a sensation of being bumped softly with a throw pillow in the back of the head. She was a watchful mother but her choice of nest location so close to the ground would be her undoing.

Sadly there’s an unfortunate end here. Al went out one morning to the sight of a stray cat who had ignored the sting of rose bush thorns and got to them. It was Al who saw the stray cat that morning with one defenseless bird in its mouth, the other on the porch beyond help.img_3289

I salvaged the nest afterward for study. It is truly a wonder.

Look, it’s used the marker for my flowers

Look here- it’s used my plant marker and a piece of plastic.

Look at the bottom

what a beauty it is…

The mama Blue Jay made the nest with a long piece of plastic

I know this is nature, that not all birds make it. We have lots of cats that people let roam. I wish they did not, but that’s how it is…..🐦

🐦…….Over the weekend my son went to the Gay Pride Parade in NYC. I’m happy that with 2 million people there, all went well —it was peaceful and a good experience for him. 😄🏳️‍🌈Of course a 40 minute drive to NYC took over two hours but he didn’t mind. He stayed 5 hours. Here are some of his pictures.






I think the pictures are colorful and artful. An embodiment of peace and gathering for good with freedom of expression at its finest.

I still feel woozy. I have not had a good day. I awoke with the worst migraine all year. The kind where smells and sounds make you gag. I heard a crash in the bathroom. “Well, Georgie cat is just playing in the empty box I have in there,” was my first thought. She’s only 9 mths. old and rambunctious.

Then she runs by me, I see she’s all wet, her grey fur dark and dripping. I said aloud: “Did you fall in the toilet?” But knowing the lid is always down I doubt this so I set down the ice pack I had against my forehead and I rise unsteadily to check out the bathroom.

I went into the bathroom and immediately was overwhelmed with a nauseating Listerine smell, in fact I stepped in mouthwash, blue and sickly smelling (moreso from my migraine) all over the white floor.

I ascertained that Al left it balanced on the cat tree before he left and she knocked it over, shattering the cover. It simply was not supposed to be in her way as it never was before.

I had to put her under the sink. She immediately went to the window to dry…


On the upside now -although I still feel punchy, my migraine has passed (2 migraine pills and an anti- nausea pill later) the cat is dry and still smells a bit minty fresh.

Since I work from home for the most part on my pc, my legs are inactive. In fact I had blood from my saphenous vein pooling in my calf. This is the big vein that my doctor assured me “we can yank it.” Ok! He says the procedure is the right thing to do because the danger of the leak is a blood clot to the lung.

“This is the vein they take for bypass surgery? What if I need it one day?”

Said the doctor: ” does not matter. Could not use it anyway. In your case- a bad vein.” And I agreed to the procedure.

My vascular surgeon performed a vein closure. Those are PAINFUL let me tell you. I have great pain tolerance but they don’t give you painkillers. You are awake and you get low dose Valium.

I was bandaged groin to ankle and leaking for a day. One leg is still an inch bigger than the other but that leads me to what I’ve been proactively up to, over the weekend.

I decided to take apart a found bicycle and build a device where I could pedal in a stationary passive yet productive manner, while I worked on my pc from the couch. Well….this was a fail.bike

I could not get it stabilized after I took it apart. After much grease under the nails and far too much exertion, because of stubborn nuts and bolts, I decided to look up how to build one of these. Google leads to everything, right?

I was a bit discouraged I couldn’t find DYI info existing online for this. But I did discover that they sell this device. So screw it, I’m buying one! Well that’s what I have been up to. I’ll update with a review on the pedaller once I receive it.

I still feel sick from the migraine. Goin to bed! Before I go, there is a CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS on art of autism for poems for peace and art for peace.

PODS submissions to #ArtOfAutism Here’s the email podsartofautism@Gmail.com

Send me a paragraph about yourself & a photo. Be part of People of Diversity Speaking-If you have a #peace poem or peace themed art I can submit that too. Hope to hear from you

I am Looking to publish a paragraph and photo on the PODS site of art of autism of and about y-o-u or a loved one on the spectrum. Won’t you contact me today? PODS (people of diversity speaking) is similar to Humans of NY. (HONY).

The poems and art for peace will be published on Art of Autism’s site in September. PODS is going up as soon as I receive submissions. I hope to hear from you soon!




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