Fungus Among Us? Happy Arbor Day!

I found this on my one remaining little cedar. I thought I saw the “arms” moving.

At first when I thought it was moving, I put it into a habitat to study.

Turns out it was the ceiling fan moving it….

I’m certain it’s a fungus. Very interesting.

From this link


” May is the month when the galls of cedar apple rust (on red cedar trees) release a lot of their spores. This happens during rainy periods. The telial arms on the galls expand, and turn orange & fleshy, almost jelly-like. ”

I love the Octopus-like tentacle appearance of it. There are usually crabapples in the vicinity of this type of fungus or something in the rose family. I’m just now reading up on it. I do have a rose bush…

Cedar Apple Rust appears to be its technical name. Or:


Gymnosporangium rust fungi cause unique and fascinating diseases that require two different living plant hosts in order to complete their life cycle…

Galls and witches’ brooms on eastern red cedar or junipers do little harm to the tree or shrub and do not need to be managed…

Well Happy Arbor Day!

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