Choosing to Recognize good bits, A visual

I had a bad few months so here’s the positive bits. 

A seed packet arrived from friend Clay. And the seeds are working. Al was stung by a bee so …😍

Yes- fun was had. See the colored specks?

This guy. 

The aforementioned fun. My grandson’s hand. 

Look at my colorful lifeline!

Part of my latest collage art. 

A remembrance wreath. 

Kisses from the Strawberry Field. I ate this and it was tasty. 

Portion of an unfinished painting. 

RIP Howie 8/15/1962 to 6/15/2005

Some pictures I found of me on horses. 

This guy again. 

The only predictable thing about loving a person who’s mentally ill is that you can count on their behavior being unpredictable. 

Mothers often act from the heart instead of the head. I’m not yet sure if that’s a positive because these past few months have almost done me in. 

I’m not sure I can be any other way though. 


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