1886 to 1900: Four Accidents In the Ct News

I share with you here some archived ‘accidents’ as they appeared in a local newspaper circa 1886-1900. I love the superfluous language used in the articles. I find them interesting, and hope you too will. The pictures I added are typical of the period but entirely random. They don’t depict the disaster victims. In some cases here, (though these folks are long deceased,) they “possibly” recovered as a result of their injuries. One very unlucky man did not……



Danbury, CT Lamp Accident, Aug 1886


DANBURY, Conn., Aug. 1.—Lizzie McCarty, a young woman living with her parents on Coal Pit Hill, when she started for her room last night at 10 o’clock, tried to light a lamp. The first match broke, and it’s blazing head fell upon her dress. She searched for it on the floor, but, failing to find it, supposed that the sulphur had burned out, and lit her lamp with another match. Just then she smelled smoke, and discovered that her dress was in flames. She called for help, and pluckily tried to put out the fire with her hands, but before the flames were extinguished the girl was badly burned about the arms and body. She may possibly recover.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 Aug 1886

Transcribed by Linda Horton. Thank you, Linda!



New Haven, CT Swinging on Steam Pipes Accident, Oct 1899


Fifteen-Year-Old Benjamin Myers Badly Injured.

Benjamin Meyers, 15 years of age, of 43 Greene street, fractured his skull yesterday afternoon at the L. Candee Rubber Works. The boy was swinging on steam pipes 14 feet from the floor, and while attempting aerobatic feats he lost his grasp on the pipes and struck on his head on the floor. Meyers is being attended by Dr. William F. Verdi. He will probably recover.

New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 5 Oct 1899

Transcribed by Linda Horton. Thank you, Linda!



New Haven, CT Horse and Buggy Accident, Jun 1900


Louis H. Johnson, a Montowese farmer, was painfully injured yesterday afternoon while endeavoring to quiet a frightened hose being driven by two Branford women. The women were driving down North Hill, when they met an automobile. The horse became frightened at the contrivance and as it passed him he shied to one side of the road, overturning the buggy and throwing out the women. The horse slipped and fell as he jumped to the side of the road. Mr. Johnson’s house is near by the scene of the accident, and he, seeking what had occurred, hurried out to render assistance. The horse was struggling where he had fallen and Mr. Johnson stepped up to him to quiet him. He happened to come within range of one of the flying hoofs and it struck him in the jaw, knocking him down and stunning him. He was brought to the New Haven hospital, where it was found that the jaw was fractured, but it is not thought that any serious consequences will result.

The women, who were thrown from the buggy, were not injured, but the buggy was badly broken up. The owner of the automobile is spending the Summer at the residence of R.M. Barnes at North Hill.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 20 Jun 1900


Transcribed by Linda Horton. Thank you, Linda!



New Haven, CT Caught in Boat’s Machinery, Jun 1900


The Awful Death of Patrick McGaffrey of the Finn McCool.

Patrick McGaffrey, a hand employed on the big dredge Finn McCool (Irish Giant) is dead at the New Haven Hospital, the victim of a most horrible accident, down the harbor, last night.

He belonged to the night gang of men on the dredge and was ordered below to oil some machinery. At the time the machinery was stopped, and taking an oil can he climbed through a hatch and went down into the depths of the boat. He felt his way along until he came to the portion which he had been ordered to oil. While he was at this work the engineer started the machinery, whether of his own accord or on orders from the captain could not be ascertained last night. No sooner had the wheels begun to move than a terrible yell came from the dark hole in the deck at the bottom of which McGaffrey was at work. The yell was one of agony and fearful to hear. It startled everyone on the boat and the machinery was stopped at once.

McGaffrey was found groaning in pain with his leg caught in the gearing and blood pouring from the limb. Closer examination showed that his right leg had been almost completely torn from his body. The man was suffering intensely and soon lapsed into unconsciousness. The men on the boat pried up the gearing and released him to the upper deck where they did what they could for him, which was little.

He was placed on a tug, which attedns{sic} the dredge, and the tug headed for the city under full steam, making the run in about 15 minutes. The injured man was taken to the New Haven Hospital, where the physicians saw that there was not the slightest chance of his recovery. He died at 10 minutes to 8 o’clock this morning.

He was unmarried, 35 years old, and lived when at home with a sister at 1,211 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, Del. She arrived in the city today to take charge of the remains.

Coroner Mix will review the case.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 20 Jun 1900


Transcribed by Linda Horton. Thank you, Linda!


I will post more in the future!

ImageImages here are posted, with my assumption they are in public domain. If that is not so, please contact me for credit. I post them respectfully

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