First Blog: The Thumb Malfunction Quandary

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It’s odd, this technology. Odder still this social media. If you can’t beat ’em join ’em? Yeah something like that. Why do I say ‘odd’? Well, listen to this…

I’m an author/freelancer and an artist. So I have tried to embrace this stuff. In my own way of course. Sometimes I’ve got my feet up, blanket snuggled around me, cat trying to push the laptop off me with his nose and my IPhone beside me. You see, sometimes I take pictures on my phone I need to load to my Laptop or maybe I want to cut and paste something. That’s precisely where it gets truly weird for me sometimes. Let’s say…
There’s this text on the ‘Notes’ section of my iPhone. I want to copy it into my web page text. (I work on the site on my laptop but alas I store text on the phone. Dilemma: move text one place to another. )
Easy, right? Sure. I just have to email it by cutting and pasting it into an email to myself. Then when it appears on my laptop email I can cut and paste it onto my site. By the way my laptop is not a touch screen.
Ok. I access Notes on my phone, which IS a touch screen. I cut and paste the text with my trusty right thumb. I’m on a roll now. I put my thumb on the screen of my laptop and nothing happens. I completely forget I don’t have a touch screen laptop. I dumbly look at my thumb, I even shake it as if the words are stuck inside it.
Ever do that?
I’m flummoxed at first. What fresh hell is this? I just got through selecting and copying the text so aren’t the words in my thumb?! But they won’t transfer to my laptop. I shake my thumb. Why hasn’t it stored the words. Rhetorical question, folks.
This has happened more than once.
I admit it. It takes a little while to realize that just because I selected and copied text from one source, that doesn’t mean I can carry it over to another device and paste it there. In a word, duh. Even the cat can sense I’m being flaky and he turns up his nose and high tails it off of me. Although to be fair I was ignoring him. Anyway!
Ai Yi Aye!
Well now that my ineptitude has been brought to the forefront I challenge you to actually read this blog on a regular basis. Yup. I dare you!
I’m going to end my first blog by quoting two of my most beloved lines from Counting Crows’ song: Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby–
“Well I throw my hand into the air and it swims in the beam. It’s just a brief interruption of the swirling dust sparkle jet stream.
…(“If you’ve never stared into the distance then your life is a shame…”
Uh I guess that’s all for now.

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