My review of Jude Morrow’s Why does daddy always look so sad? and other notes

Here is my latest book review. I have put the link at the bottom of the post. I have not written a blogpost in over a month. Here is a snake I saw today.

Here is the rust gall on my pine tree. It’s returned! This year it reminds me of the corona virus.

I’ve been finding lots of interesting nostalgic memories in the old 8mm I had digitalized.

Here is my sweet kitty who’s now deceased. Mister Po as a baby.

Mister Po

This happens when I’m outside in the sun. and it is itchy. The sun makes me physically drained and tired too.

See the umbrella? I can sit there and work remotely outside here.
This is the before picture. My late husband’s disability ramp. Have to make a sanctuary out of what you’ve got to work with. Now for the reason you probably clicked on this. The book review.

I’ve been reading a lot. With my library closed, I can receive free books! Here is my latest review.

My review CLICK here

I’ll try to sit down and write a personal blogpost soon. K

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