Travel in a heat wave is a great idea! (She keeps saying)

I hesitated to write a blog yet until I am finished with my yearly “follow CC around” because I have one last leg of the trip to go- a few days in Jones Beach and one more concert before I’m tapped financially. Btw it’s really hot and humid here in the east and though the last few concerts were held outside it was well worth the sweat. I am pushing having seen the band 54 times? Who knows. I’ve lost count. Here’s a video from last week:

I hope it loads as I’ve got a few more I’d like to add and I don’t know how this works bc I don’t add videos much on WordPress.

Anyway before I went on my yearly excursions it was brought to my attention

“I thought autistic people aren’t supposed to be able to deal with the stimulation of concerts?”

I responded that I started young, at 13 and maybe that helps but in my case I view that as a stereotype.

I certainly am willing to push my comfort zones. Yesterday was scary though- a day with no words, inability to speak. It was inevitable I’d crash a little bit that being said I recognize I’m fragile and I’m ready to move forward from there.

This was taken at an outdoor eatery in Mystic Connecticut. It’s dew caught in a spider web.

Also taken in Mystic, Check out the LEGO birdhouse with an action figure climbing up to it.

The sun was incredibly orange – pretty intimidating looking. This picture does not capture it well.

On the way to Seekonk, this box truck smiled at me. Errr actually it’s not quite a smile. I had meant to blog about insects but that is for another day.

I’ve sent my spit out to “23 and me” to see what my heritage is. Being adopted this will be interesting. No one has naturally curly hair like me. ( In my family. ) In fact sometimes I think that I have what I’ve heard some Jewish people affectionately refer to as “Jew hair.” I guess I will find out in late September. It takes a while to process the spit.

My birth parents:

Adam is on his game this year as is Ed from the band LIVE. I recall seeing them together in 99 or 2000 a few times when they toured together last time. It’s good to see Adam is talky again and full of stories.

Has anyone noticed the renovations of McDonald’s all over the place? They get rid of perfectly good comfy benches that are padded and put in hard chairs. Overall I don’t like the kiosk and modern look. However there is always an exception, right?

Which brings me to my next few videos of a McDonald’s in Seekonk that had touch-responsive light tables! Or I should say it had one touch responsive light table. The rest were ordinary. I played through the whole meal. What fun.

Back to what I was doing. I’m home between trips to do laundry and go to a few doctor appointments.

Before I go, remember if you’re autistic or have an autistic loved one, email me a paragraph about your passion (music? Art? Anime? Photography?) with an accompanying photo.

I serve as VP on board of directors for #artofautism and I’m accepting this type of submission for fun to put on the PODS (People of Diversity Speaking) page. It’s not ‘joining” anything. It’s just a place to highlight the mosaic of how diverse the autism community is- all walks of life and ages and various interests.

I can also take blogs anytime for consideration and peace themed poetry or art to be put on site in September.


Here is a link to the type of shutdown I unfortunately experienced Saturday: I’m fine now! /

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