Educating Educators About Adult Autistics’ Journeys in Art or Getting the ducks in a row

I was in Boston and again did not make it to the cemeteries😡❗️

But I was at the Hynes Center for DADD Showcase: Expressions of Neurodiversity in Art Panel and exposition Thursday, (April 20, 2017.) 

After showing there, 4 of my paintings are moving on to AANE. Some will be reproduced in creative centerpieces, on the tables during the fundraising event next Saturday Apr. 29, 2017 (the Gala) and all are available for purchase. 

My morning commute to Boston from Connecticut was not only an early one but also was a long one –due to traffic delays but Al got me there on time. I approached Elizabeth with this greeting: “I have got to pee SO bad!”

It wasn’t easy getting going this morning because I was more “off” than usual, having swollen sore eyes and face, and some cognitive deficits for various reasons. 

Here is a close-up of my blouse which had rhinestones. 

I like shirts like this because my spirits boost when these stones catch the light “just so” and cast a disco ball effect. 

Being a discount blouse, I was thrilled when rhinestones fell off here and there, leaving a secret sparkly trail behind me as seen here on my leg:

These are 3 of the pieces I brought:

I share the panel here with Vito Bonanno and John M. Williams whose collage gives me great heights to aspire to! Here is John’s work: Ghandi. (Following the next paragraph.)

He meticulously researches and then captures the essence of his historical subjects. A Link to his site follows this post. I am just starting to dabble in collage, and John and I had a great conversation about his work. His mother Kathleen is bringing my paintings over to AANE where she works. A lovely lady and I appreciate her assistance, we met in 2009 but didn’t really speak then. 

If you read my blog you may have seen several posts about graffiti art. (Faves: BIP, Banksy, Donna Williams’s brother Johnny Duel) 

I have more than a passing fascination in this art form. Vito’s art draws you in. He has a love of traffic lights, a deep appreciation for architecture and has a unique style as seen here:

Here is the view from inside The Hynes, what a big place and also I saw a ‘living wall.’ Or was it plastic? I do not know as it was too high to check it out. 

Prof. Elizabeth Stringer-Keefe works tirelessly at her passion for autism and arts. Her talk was on point

quoting from Steve Silberman’s NeuroTribes, 

explaining inclusion, 


and person first language. 

She volunteers so much of her time. As Al says,

 “She’s very driven in what she does.”

She’s genuine.  Here she is, seated, as Vito speaks, and one of my paintings is on an easel behind her. 

In my presentation I explained how 

-my frustration at the electoral process, 

-the Paris agreement changes, etc. 

led to painting a series of

crying women and animated howling trees. 

You can see here my video being played on screen. It’s funny how freeze frame happens at inopportune moments. I NEVER take a ‘good’ picture. I’m cursed that way. What mattered was the message and that seemed to get across. 

The panel. 


myself center 

and John, right. 

Boston bustles. 

People scurry. 

Horns beep. 

Buildings try to touch the clouds. This photo sorta reminded me of the Beatles’ iconic album cover. Sorta. 

This little trip to the rest area made my whole day just ducky! I’ve got a new one now, with a Mohawk. 

See it there with the blue plastic hair? That’s the one I got. My collection is booming. I could insert the joke now about getting my ducks in a row. 

When I got home, this had come in the mail:

Thanks Clay.💛 I’m almost ready to put them to good use. Last year I had several hives. Hoping for the same. 

If you’re interested in what my video talk was about, Google the following phrase:

Kimberly Gerry Tucker You Tube

And some short ‘minute and a 1/2’ in length videos will come up. There are 8 in total and they should be viewed in the proper sequence of one through eight. 

That’s all for now. 

Still can’t get the hang of that Tibetan Singing Bowl!


Follow Vito on Twitter at @VitoBonannoart

John M. Williams:

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