Inspired By The Mysterious

Distraction is necessary for my sanity these days 😡This image intrigued me when I first saw it:

From the site link listed at the end of the blog:

“…..the eye is caught now and then by a huge spiral column of white stone standing out in relief from the side of a hill, and rising in an exact perpendicular, as if to uphold the rocky masses above. In places, scores of them are seen exposed on the face of a single cliff, always perfectly vertical—Within an area of about 500 square miles in Nebraska there are literally millions of these curious (spiral) objects, revealed to view by being “weathered out” of the sandstone formation. They are composed of quartz, and every one of them is carved out with a precision that might be expressed by a mathematical formula. They call these remarkable spirals “Devil’s Corkscrews” which seems fairly appropriate, in view of the total lack of explanation of them.”

So what are they? These rock spirals? Petrified vines? Fossilized worms? My first thought was that maybe early civilizations somehow made them —–and I was kind of correct —–but humans didn’t make these spirals: 

The theory is that this ancient, now extinct critter seen pictured here, made these ‘burrows’ in a corkscrew pattern (which later became fossilized) so it could escape carnivorous predators. The idea is if it burrowed underground in twists and spirals instead of a straight underground tunnel; then predators would not find it so easy to give chase and eat them. Makes sense now in retrospect. 

Image from

The other day I was jolted by a video that suddenly started playing in my FB feed and there I was, when I was least prepared to view it, watching a child abuser on video. Feeling sick, these images made it into my nightmares. 

So I toyed with writing a very serious blog about protecting children but decided it best to stick to mysteries and interesting facts. These topics are safer for my nerves a balm to my exasperated disposition. If that makes sense. It’s self preservation really. Since I have a perpetual virus (outputting as much mucous as a glow worm) I decided to blog since I haven’t in some time. Here’s what I’ve been reading about. 

There’s some escapism to be had, away from politics, worldwide cruelty and so on, when I read, or paint or view images like the one above in The Egyptian desert that baffled Google Earth viewers. 

What is it?

A desert crop circle?

In a way, yes and no. 

This is an art installation. 

But these are actual Libyan crop circles, green circles in the desert seen often by people aboard aircraft flying over the desert. 

These are ingenious irrigation (quite man made) circles, image from:

Look here at this splendor:

Image from link below

Every room in the castle has something to marvel at and be enchanted by. Floor to ceiling stained glass, twinkle lights, even two-thousand year old statues. 

Most amazing of all? It’s really a miniature “fairy castle,” lovingly built by Hollywood silent film star Colleen Moore. 

I am truly inspired by giant mysterious corkscrews, odd green circles where it seems they shouldn’t be located, and miniature detail like this exquisite little castle. 

I was taken in by all three mysteries to the point that I was mistaken about what they were; hoodwinked if you will. How easy it is to be misled and then consequently to find the truth is more unexpected, even more bizarre than one imagined. 

Sometimes the world itself seems a mystery; a sticky precarious web of one untruth after another. I keep telling my self:

Maybe it isn’t as bad as it seems. 

One can hope. In any case, last year I did not have the outdoor fairy garden I so wanted to set up in my old wheelbarrow and around my sorry Maple tree. Fairy garden building is a big hobby craze now with loads of mini intricacies up for purchase like these:

I WILL have one this year. Intent is everything. I was going to build all my fairy things but decided against it because I read that glue erodes outdoors and I don’t like the smell of weather resistant epoxy. So I WILL post pictures of my fairy world sometime this spring. 

That’s all for now. 

Keep up the hope. That maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem.

2 thoughts on “Inspired By The Mysterious

  1. Uh, if those spiral columns were made by some kind of groundhog, how would they be “composed of quartz”? I don’t get that. As for Trump policies, it may be that things are WORSE than they seem. For me, it’s a long, long way from Truman to Trump. I really hope to outlive the Donald.


    1. Yes I know the Quartz is a long shot theory. I saw a special on some network about the groundhog hypothesis. Apparently these things are Quartz but they are hollow inside and bones and skeletons of these critters were found inside. As for Mr. T. I COMPLETELY agree with you. I try not to be consumed by the reality of that. We need vetting for pres. candidates. Folks don’t like when armchair psychologists “dx” him but one day future generations will google Narcissim and there will be his mug. I keep hoping things aren’t as bleak as would seem…

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