The little red string


There’s a trend currently which involves getting a semicolon tattoo.

( )

The idea is that if you have a mental health issue, then take charge and don’t “let your sentence end;” that is to say, pause; put a semicolon on it and continue. I’m more interested in the history of tattooing than I am in getting one. I’m sure I never will have a tattoo; even though my youngest child has a machine and is a great artist… By the way, if you are into tattoos or into learning facts, perhaps you know that people who give tattoos were sometimes called Jaggers and their machine was called a Jonesy.

People who jump on this trend bandwagon (of getting punctuation marks tattooed into their skin) are going to have a semi colon on their skin. Forever. End of sentence. To quote Seinfeld, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

It’s their skin….. If you enjoyed M & M’s candies before 1995 then you probably know that the tan M & M no longer exists. Maybe you knew that once, but have forgotten it. Since a tattoo is not an M & M, personally I wouldn’t want a semi colon on my skin because I see it as an opening for discussion everywhere I go. I’d get tired of that real fast. But that’s me.



There have been a lot of heated political “discussions” as of late and although I am as opinionated as the next person, I try to avoid lending my view publicly. Because of such issues as marriage equality (it’s about time), police brutality, racism, etc. it’s interesting to see who among my peers come down on which sides of the issues. Violence against blacks have made a lot of people more conscious of racism. Hatred can lead to mighty big problems.

If I ever saw my child or one of their friends doodling the swastika for example; when they were growing up, they got an earful about the Holocaust and what the symbol represents. I’m going to say this about the flying of the Confederate flag:

One country. One flag. Divided we fall.

Things have always come to a head (like a festering pimple) before change takes place. We weren’t around to see those posters but here’s a hot button issue that our country once survived:

Old suffragette posters:


Above From

Below From :


I often wonder… because I wonder about too much sometimes, what side of the women voter issue would my circle of family, friends, peers, etc. Have come down on if if lived back then? Who’s to say? 

If you have ever studied the mouth in depth or had a chance to glimpse a dentist office poster of the nerves of the mouth, then you know that the nerves in the teeth look like colorfully bundled electrical wires.

From factmonster:


What I am saying here, is we are pretty much all wired the same physiologically. Yet we are, as human beings wired also to think our own thoughts, have our own ideas. All neurologically wired different. 

In 1995, a friend gave me a red string. I have carried it all these years. It reminds me that everybody has a voice and everybody’s voice can be important. From :

It is generally worn by practitioners of four different faiths, Hinduism, Kabbalah, Buddhism and Christianity. It can be worn on either wrist, is generally made of wool and can even have knots tied into them. Red has been a color used since ancient times. It’s a symbol of blood, of protection, is used in the work with the evil eye, it’s been painted on the human body before battle—even painted on doors of homes for protection. Red has had a long standing tradition in human history for many different occasions, more so defined by attachments that culture puts on them.

In energy work, this bracelet can become a talisman and charged with energies that protect the wearer. It is believed the left side of the body is the receiving side, thus wearing it on your left side is allows for the receiving of good fortunes and luck to come to us.


BTW I am happy that I have the opportunity to vote, it was not an easy thing for women to earn and I do exercise this privilege to vote. I take advantage of this right. I have opinions but will not be angry and confrontational in expressing them. I don’t like USA shamers or fat shamers. Shame on THEM. A person can love the USA, think it is beautiful and love the country without liking every thing the government does. 

When we accept our differences and realize that beneath skin we are human then maybe the heated hatred and cruelty will cease. 

It could happen. 

I am glad my daughter can marry whomever she wants. Why not?

My little red talisman reminds me that everyone must listen to everyone’s view, objectively because


we all matter.

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