Musings of a Vivid Dreamer

I was trying to arrange an enormous pile of gladiolus, lilies and various wild flowers (Black-eyed Susans and daisies) into a makeshift vase -made from a repurposed pig trough- onto which I had mosaiced broken shards from actual Wedgewood dinner plates…when suddenly my silky black puppy wiggled and squeezed her way through the mail slot in the door……and escaped!

Then I awoke and immediately tried to fall asleep again but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I couldn’t continue the dream. Would I arrange the massive heap of flowers before they wilted? Would I find the errant pup?
I’ll never know. 
Incidentally, my waking life isn’t any less anti-climatic. Not too long ago, my father was in town for a visit. I proceeded to show him pictures from my iPhone. As I was doing so, a call came in from my pharmacy. Afterword, he says to me “You can use that for a camera and a phone? Can you play solitaire on it too?”
Well, I said, “Sure you can! See this app icon here? You can get all kinds of games for free…”
I was just getting started. As I clicked and swiped through my phone’s various features I went on about how great it would be if he got an iPhone too. (He’s got a taped up trac phone circa 2007.) 
I told him how I could take a funny picture of his great children or of the new squash in the garden for example and text it to him immediately. 

Or he could send me a picture on the spot of himself standing in the pit at the track holding the first place trophy! (At 82 years old he owns a race car and sponsors a driver.) He’d no longer have to get pictures developed, copied, and snail mailed to me. Of course I didn’t use the term “snail mail.”

 I tried to impress upon him that we could text instantaneously. Or even take turns playing word games with each other. 
But I wasn’t through. I showed him how I could access Google from my phone (“Google” is what he calls the internet) and how with a simple click I could use my phone as a GPS…
I showed him how I receive emergency alerts, breaking news, the weather. I showed off my calculator, my Pandora “radio,” my notepad for shopping lists, the calendar and clock. 

Well, ten minutes into my pro-IPhone diatribe, I paused to let him respond. I was getting ready…you see, to show him the Facebook app and to explain how he could keep in touch with extended friends and family. I didn’t mean to come across like I was explaining new technology to a newly awakened Rip Van Winkle, but perhaps that’s exactly how it felt. 
There he was, sitting next to me, head fallen back against the back of the couch, his glasses askew, eyes closed and his mouth so wide open I could see down his throat. 
                            Wow. Snoring lightly from deep in his throat. 

There are some things I know for sure. One thing is this: He will never have an iPhone. We will never amuse each other with silly FB memes. 
Change is not easy. 
Remember these? I do. This was an everyday item. You could only talk as long as the cord could reach. 

And then came these fancy things:

That newfangled push button style was cutting edge technology!  Then came cordless:


I can only imagine my children explaining new technology to me when I’m 82. What’s next? We’ve already got ‘phones’ in existence today, where you can talk to someone and see them at the same time! (Skype. FaceTime.) that’s something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime and for today’s generation it’s commonplace. 

In other news, I’m working on two interviews for upcoming blog posts. Meantime,  I leave you with this musing:

A repurposed pig trough?? Really? 

It fit the whole length of my bay window; the bay window I have only in my dreams of course. 

2 thoughts on “Musings of a Vivid Dreamer

  1. Yeah, I’ll never have an iPhone either, nor any kind of cellphone, nor cordless. I have a landline GE phone, with push buttons, gives a taped greeting , takes messages, shows who is calling, has speakerphone and quick-dialing options (which I never use), circa 1992.

    At some point, you will start saying “No” to new technologies. A natural part of getting older.

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