I take pictures of crosses that appear naturally, for the most part, that is to say- they have to be found, not placed on purpose. So you see, crosses on churches are not pictured here. I am sharing some of my found crosses. Here they are:


Above: See the cross on my father’s shed? This taken in Vermont Below: Cross in the sky



 Above: Faux brick cross Below: A fairly common “found” cross of a window

47122_1393454757213_7305834_n (1)

 Below: A ceiling


First Picture Below: Nature cross Second One Below That: Library carpet



Above: Side of stairs at Kisson’s Crossing Below: A quite surprising cross appeared after cutting pizza


Top Below: My old carpet, this light coming through the window always cast a cross shadow, a daily sight  Picture Below Carpet Picture: An oil slick caused this one in a Big Y parking lot



Below, Left: Nature Below, Right: Carpet in a doctor’s waiting room

206233_1677345614307_4223349_n 207992_1677344174271_5508390_n


Above: Another accidental pizza cross! Below: A cross from the streets of New Haven

221422_1677346054318_1160616_o  297014_2083132598728_1512260143_n

Above: View from below some playground equipment

I’ll post the rest of my cross photos again sometime!

And now here is a link to a site with pictures like this one:


of food cut in half:

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