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Donna Williams says (in a brilliant analogy) that autism is a fruit salad, which I infer to mean, that everyone’s fruit bowl looks a bit different. Mine has Aspergers bananas in it, with selective mutism lemons, sensory processing dysfunction prickly pears, and dysthymic mangos. There are other fruits in there too. Like anxious horned melon for example. If I were to think enough on this subject in a literal way, and to expound on it, one fruit that would have to be in there would be the fruit called Budda’s Hand. I’m a student of Buddhism, so that makes sense.


               It’s a useless fruit really, quite acidic, yet it is called a fruit and though people have been known to candy the skin no one really enjoys eating it. Could it be that humans haven’t discovered what the Budda fruit’s purpose is yet? That is what I like to believe. It’s juiceless, seedless. Ornamental. Resembling prayer hands. But not sweet. I believe it’s not just decoration. Not even sure why it’s called a fruit, but it is, so it gets a place in my fruit salad; and you may notice my fruit bowl is overwhelmingly filled with yellow fruit! And so the Budda’s Hand fruit is in my fruit salad too.

Aren’t we all fruit salads? Even those of us not on the spectrum?

            The more people I meet on my merry way through the world, the more I believe this is true. Of course I’ve dissected Donna’s fruit salad model in a literal sense in those long paragraphs there. But that’s not how she means it at all. (I’ve included a link at the end of this blog about how Donna Williams has outlined her fruit salad model.)


“Instability of historic proportions.” “The North pole is heating.” “The cold from the pole is spilling from the area like cold from a bucket.” “Instability going to be the new norm in weather.” “2014 going to be hottest on record.” “Extremes in temperatures going to be new norm.”


As I was writing this blog, that’s what I was listening to on the television. My head is such that many times it has a three to five second delay in processing information that comes in. Maybe that’s given the fact that there’s a big fat pineapple or something wedged in the corner, I just don’t know. I’m just being facetious now. I’m sorry. It’s actually due to neurons or something that fire over to…. nevermind, I digress.

In any case, why should we assume that the weather should be “normal?” The fact that we sprang up here on a world that accomodated us as upright carbon beings is miraculous enough, but why should we be narcissistic enough to think the world owes us the winters we fondly remember from our youths, the summers we vacationed in Florida, and the mild Springs we’ve known? There IS no normal. We’re flukes in an unstable, unpromised place. We are specks that are lucky to have carved out an existence in a place that has been ecologically able to sustain us. All this “reality” is one we’ve created. The instability of weather, that IS reality, and has always been the norm. The fact that it has always been a live and changing thing has always been consistent. We are fools to think that weather will bend to keep humans ALWAYS warm.

We are fools if we think weather must always affix itself to a model that keeps humans in a safe and predictable Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter pattern, forevermore, etc. etc. We are fools if we think weather owes us warmth, comfort, safety, predictability, enough warning to prepare, and enough pattern so we can say “winter is like this, and it will always be like this.”

Not so. That never was the nature of weather. It has wiped out bigger creatures than us and we are nothing in its wake. Our silly lives should be directed perhaps, a little less toward “selfies” and a little more toward the actual WORLD we inhabit.

Our ancestors worshiped the sun and the moon and the stars and the weather as if it were the gods. We have always been at its mercy.

Every day people are complaining. I hear them. The weather’s weird. More storms. Too this. Too that. Hotter. Colder. Our paved traversed routes and busy complicated lives are laughable nothings on the blemishes of the unstable earth. Why is everyone so surprised that it’s TOO cold? TOO hot? TOO mild? TOO wet? The sinkholes, the superstorms, the droughts, it’s just beginning, but hasn’t it always been that way? It HAS. There isn’t supposed to be a “normal” weather pattern. We live, and so we change that which we live upon and so it

changes us.

We are the visitors here. The earth is the bigger of us. All this ‘reality’ we’ve created and called the world, it’s so much facade. How quickly can weather clean the slate? And make us start over?

            I’m thinking about all that

junk DNA


hidden in the double helix DNA strand we all have? I like to think it’s like the Budda’s Hand fruit in my personal fruit salad. I will not ever believe that human’s have this extra….or “junk” DNA as a fluke at all. I don’t believe that. Neither would I call it junk.

            It’s waiting.

            There’s a reason for this junk DNA to be there. I believe that. Maybe one day, some people will figure out how to utilize that so-called JUNK DNA then pop! These particular people will use the unused stored away “junk” or extra DNA to solve tough ecological problems and really start to evolve into the peaceful earth-respecting beings we were meant to be. Maybe that’s why it was put there.

As for Budda’s Hand fruit, so why IS it here then, if it’s too acidic and not sweet? If we can’t figure out what to use this “fruit for, then why is it here? What is it for? Aesthetic value? Sort of like,… Okay, then why not appreciate it for now, for its aesthetic purposes. Maybe when nature bears fruit with imagery that is mindful and conjures up a faith of sort, then maybe that is all the purpose it was ever meant to have. It makes people think of prayer hands. That,s enough.


(Matisse and his cats, just because)



Donna’s fruit salad model:

What is Autism? by Donna Williams

2 thoughts on “weather patterns, Donna Williams, fruit salad, Buddha

  1. Wonderful blog! Do yoou have any recpmmendations for aspiring writers?
    I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything.

    Would you adviee starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options
    out there that I’m completely overwhelmed ..

    Any ideas? Appreciate it!


    1. If you’re thinking about blogging, start taking notes as to what you’re passionate about. You can jot ideas throughout the day on your iPhone notepad function. When you feel for what you’re writing it comes through. I definitely would recommend wordpress. I like the stats area because I may only get 6 “likes” but the stats show 86 views and that’s nice to know. Also it’s easy to navigate, photos post easily (always ask and/or give credit) and there are lots of site themes to choose from. Good luck. Enjoy blogging!


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