Slipper Mopping and Negative Place Association

I still do things outside my comfort zone and that’s got to be a healthy thing, right? Recently we went to Tweed to pick up a friend from the airport who’s staying with us this week. My good friend was driving (I don’t drive at 49 yrs. of age, more about that later!).
Anyway he was kind of scared to go to the airport, I mean the last time he went to one, he said goodbye to some special persons and never saw them again.
I told him fear was based on ‘place memory’. It’s all based on association discomfort. Like never wearing green again because something bad happened when you wore it last. I understand place memory. I thought I’d never go into a certain hospital again, afraid of the memories that may surface when I recalled the last time I was there- my husband died there. I moved into that hospital by his bedside for the last two weeks of his life. But as I told my friend, I’ve been back to that hospital a dozen times. And I’m ok! It’s a matter of not being afraid to feel and eventually the bad things associated with the place diminish.
He did go to the airport and he was ok!
There are people with naturally high serotonin levels. I know a few. They are upbeat, genuinely laugh a lot and and all around happy-go-lucky. It’s my experience they have few headaches and when they are irritated by a headache it’s not in the migraine category.
Being a student of Buddhism, I know that envying them is a wasted emotion. I have run the gamut in migraine prevention techniques and I do believe I am not an all around cheer-spreader.
I’m a writer and an artist, one of those “tortured souls” that over thinks, meta thinks, analyzes and expresses all the scythe-carrying darkness in my art.
But I am given to fits of whimsy. Because I am familiar with chronic pain (I have trigeminal neuralgia too), I can truly appreciate pain free days.
For example I’m the type of person to use those ‘mop slipper shoes’, rather than take a mop or even a Swiffer’ to the floor. Why not turn up the music and dance the dirt away to the tune of Weezer’s ‘Beverly Hills’ or Tone Loc’s ‘Funky Cold Medina’… Or F.U.N.
Presently I feel a mess but things could be worse. Poison ivy, (acquired by picking raspberries too near the ivy unbeknownst to me), a blocked oil gland on my eyelid (called a chalazion), and this morning I tripped and now I’m limping. Landed wrong on my ankle. Thinking of turning this into a weight loss blog soon….
But I’m grateful for little things. The unseasonably cool Fall weather, my pets, the children in my life, and my insurance. (Something tells me I’m going to need it…)
As for the losing weight thing I’ve got to try. Got to keep up doing things outside my comfort zone and this is one of them. I hate exercise. Now to think up an exercise routine ill like…
Wish me luck.

slipper moppers here:–item-185-231



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