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Kimberly Gerry – Tucker


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Navigating Back To School For The Autistic Child

by Kimberly Gerry-Tucker



An IEP should be a team, never confrontational, never giving the impression it’s an “Us against Them” situation. We had great ideas to implement. We started with the school bus; teaching my son to create Sensory Blocks. He could put his backpack on the seat beside him, to discourage close proximity, to someone who might startlingly take the seat right beside him, triggering a Touch Aversive reaction. He…


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Kimberly is quoted in this book:

Remixing the Curriculum:

The Teacher’s Guide to Technology in the Classroom: Professor Elizabeth Stringer-Keefe and Adam Steiner

Excerpt: In 2005, I was hired to do a mural on a few walls inside the entrance at a day center for disabled adults. When I first toured the place, I questioned staff on what type of mural they’d like, because they’d be seeing it every day after all. One young man wanted me to do a ceiling-to-floor depiction of Van Gogh’s Starry Night-I was so excited! I was…


I am on a modest bridge of sorts; I hear the small brook trickling below it. It’s trying its damnedest to dry up once and for all; but not quite succeeding.

Art of Autism

ART IS NOT A CRIME! by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Kimberly’s blog at wordpress


ARTS: A Film about Possibilities, Disabilities and the Arts by Keri Bowers

Keri Bowers (Actor, Director)

Kimberly Gerry Tucker is interviewed in this docu-film

More Info about the film


Article by Kimberly Gerry Tucker with Keri Bowers

(If anyone has a copy of this issue, please contact Kim!)

VOICES OF AUTISM available here.

March St. Press‘s Parting Gifts, circa 1999, stories in several issues. (RIP Robert Bixby, the first person to publish Kim’s work.)

Essays/stories in three issues of KALEIDOSCOPE. One of those issues, pictured here with orange cover.

Story in LOUD HANDS anthology (Julia Bascom) here.

Artwork in art of autism books. Beautifully put together by Debra Hosseini. Second book is titled Shifting Perceptions.

Women From Another Planet, edited by Jean Kearnes Miller, one of Kim’s first publications, a book by autistic women.

Kim’s Dervish painting appeared in Spirit Journal issue 1.

Note the ‘see, speak, and hear no evil,’ logo. This is designed by Kim’s son Jeremy Tucker, (a prolific Connecticut artist, photographer, and talented writer) and appeared on the cover of the first version of Under The Banana Moon. (pre-agent). The early edition was called Communication Breakdown and is still available online.
You will also come across another cover design of Kim’s memoir Under The Banana Moon. This is the 2nd style. In the current edition, there is an additional chapter and redesigned cover, and although it has some typos she’s working on, Kim urges you to buy the edition with her parents at Coney Island on the cover. 🙂 CONTACT her for a signed copy.

Planet Vermont Quarterly, is now defunct. Kim published several times with them.

Curbside Review published Kim’s long poem Expectant, which appears in her UTBM book.

Hearing Health published an article by Kimberly about her battle with hearing loss (this was before her implant).

New Haven Register. 2000? Photographer/reporter (Peter Casolino) came to Kim’s house to interview her. “Do you have any artwork?” he asked.

She pulled a self portrait out of the closet which she did not especially like and had ripped in half.

“I have an idea,” the reporter said.

They walked outside where the lighting was better, to take her picture for the newspaper article, which was about Kim’s writing publications.

“Hold it in front of your eyes.” he said.


This is the shot that went into the article.

Another New Haven Register article on Kim. This is Kim

holding a mirror, reflecting Howie her late husband, and daughter Kerry Annie; (taken by Melanie Stengel.)

check out Kim’s hobby (one of them)

Faery houses of summer 2017

Kim works in QA finding bugs in software but enjoys the study of real insects.

Kimberly’s Current pets (late Mister Po in center)

Miscellaneous Pics.

Top Row:

14 year old Kim, just a year and a 1/2 (?) after the coma.

School picture,

Mime-Kim (photo credit: Taken by Amy Tuccio)

2nd Row:

Kim with her poodle a few mths. before her death,

Kim in Easter attire,

and at the gallery at Lesley College 2016.

3rd Row:

Kim as a man (her son Jeremy likes to digitally put her likeness onto various odd pictures), present day Kim

StickerFace Kim.

Remembrances of those who have passed, four of Kim’s spiritual teachers in this life.

Steve 1950-2017

Donna (Polly) 1963-2017

Kim’s Mother Carol 1940-2007

What would he think of Kim’s life today?

Howie 1964-2005