Updates to my website

I’ve been working on updating my personal author/artist website all week. Do visit! Tell me what you think. And if you’ve got a link you think I should add to the links page, send it to me.  Here is the link.  Kim

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Disconnecting Through Connection

Reposted from my ravenambitionWordpress site In reading Jim Sterba’s ‘Frankie’s Place’, Jim refers to reading material that one brings into the bathroom to read as “toi lit.” People still do that, right? This term amuses me. I’ve always been a voracious reader; that hasn’t changed. But I used to enjoy reading ‘the newspaper.’ That was […]

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You Never See It Coming

September sneaked up on me. I just had a few mini vacations: Vermont, NY, Massachusetts. And I got to walk on the beach this past summer. Now I understand that this is the last Autumn my Maple will drop leaves. It’s marked for murder. Every day the treecutters are closer and closer. September and February […]

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You Never See It Coming

September sneaked up on me. I just had a few mini vacations: Vermont, NY, Massachusetts. And I got to walk on the beach this past summer. Now I understand that this is the last Autumn my Maple will drop leaves. It’s marked for murder. Every day the treecutters are closer and closer. September and February […]

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Prompt: Disobey

I’ve never participated in a WordPress blog prompt. The prompt is “Disobey.” Here’s my take on that. If you google it, Disobey is a music video, an apparel line, and a website for the discontented. “The Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge will award $250,000 to an individual or a group […]

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Hangry For Peaceful Moments

There is a phenomenon in nature known as ‘crown shyness.’ Some trees have gaps in the canopy. Those reluctances to touch are intentional. When I think of trees, -when I depict them in paint or ink or graphite, I am most apt to ensure they intertwine, ‘holding hands in the sky’ (so to speak) much […]

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On Curiosity 

My autodidactic passion for learning is perpetual. And Einstein is right. Question everything. There’s a reason for curiosity. It leads to lots of things. On that note, why would someone make curious art like this? Because they can. Because it’s cool.  Art. Here is a story about a mural I painted years ago.  The woman […]

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Unquiet Brain

I used to be adept at  “Find the hidden______” puzzles.  In doctors’ offices when I was a kid-I went right to the Highlights For Children magazines to find the hidden toothbrush, pencil, banana, etc. I’ve played a few phone apps too along these lines.  So. With all my ‘experience’ finding hidden items, one would think I […]

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power of words

Oh the Power of Words, especially unspoken and feared ones, the ones we don’t ever want to hear, which lay coiled in wait for unguarded moments to strike. And when least expected. Unleashed, some words cut as if freshly sharpened from whetstones. And, of course, the opposite is also true:  words can be blankets. Soothing […]

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Educating Educators About Adult Autistics’ Journeys in Art or Getting the ducks in a row

I was in Boston and again did not make it to the cemeteries😡❗️ But I was at the Hynes Center for DADD Showcase: Expressions of Neurodiversity in Art Panel and exposition Thursday, (April 20, 2017.)  After showing there, 4 of my paintings are moving on to AANE. Some will be reproduced in creative centerpieces, on […]

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#Sugarart4autism 2017

 Last year on “autism awareness day”, it was the first time I’d heard of 100s of cake artists, inspired by arts made by autists, making cakes inspired by their paintings.  It’s not a Call-For-submissions thing, so I was surprised to get a tweet (out of the blue so to speak) saying #Enriqe Rojas from #HaveSomeCake, […]

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Autism AWARENESS is Multi-Faceted

During autism testing when I received a diagnosis in adulthood, nearly 20 years ago now, it was ‘revealed’ that I have a college level understanding of many things involving words, literature, etc. but I have a 5th grade level maths ability. My skills are uneven. I struggle to imagine the difference between  A  million and  […]

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I’m not sure about this statement: “The butterfly is proof that after a period of darkness, one can become something beautiful.”      Metamorphosis is thought provoking. I’m not the first to think so and won’t be the last. I’m sure the metamorphosis of butterflies and moths too, has inspired people, from the youngest to […]

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Inspired By The Mysterious

Distraction is necessary for my sanity these days 😡This image intrigued me when I first saw it: From the site link listed at the end of the blog: “…..the eye is caught now and then by a huge spiral column of white stone standing out in relief from the side of a hill, and rising […]

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I don’t have to remind you what Friday brings. You already know. I’m presently reading ‘The Lost City of the Monkey God;’ by Douglas Preston, a writer and explorer who ventured into an undisturbed Hondurian jungle for historic and archeological study.  In the book I came across a description of the fall of Mayan society. […]


kudos Keri Bowers, Art of Autism

In Bulgaria, the idiom “Friendship is friendship, but cheese costs money,” is one I came across and puzzled over for a meaning. From what I have come to understand it means not to take advantage of a friend’s generosity. Even if a person prefers isolation as their natural state of being, the symbiotic nature of […]

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The Use of Art and also Trivia

  I like the discovery of unusual word meanings, amassing trivia. And art. Both have uses. Cathartic in using art in creative ways and amassing facts fills the WHY I continually ask of everything around me. Observing details, I’m often prompted to dig deeper. Take these windows for example.  These windows under the gables, rotated […]

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The Trump Sham and Why so many Folks (even the educated) Bought It

This is a statue located in Berlin, entitled “Politicians Discussing Global Warming.” “The most predictable aspect of Trump is unpredictability. I think it’s dangerous, very dangerous,” -Noam Chomsky. Erich Fromm who wrote “The Art of Being,” among other insightful and important works, really understood the dynamics of humans.  I wasn’t going to write a political […]

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I Can’t Even

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that from hornworms and weight loss to metamorphosis paintings personally, to our U.S. as a whole it’s plain to see- this is a year of change in many many ways. Several years ago my youngest (teenage) child kept saying “I can’t even.” Having older children builds a […]

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The Lowdown on Change

Whatever way the election goes, this is certain: Change is afoot! From an Ann Holt book I read recently called:  What Never Happens-  “There’s no point in discussing anything anymore. Certainly not in the papers. People are more interested in making extreme statements and elegantly crucifying their opponent to make themselves look good, rather than […]

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Stop and smell the rocks

Fluid flexible cats pour their physical selves into small spaces. Like my Po: Malleable mice effortlessly squeeze through crevices. Surprisingly wily squirrels can chew snake skins into paste, embed it into their fur and throw predators off their scent. Traits, adaptations, survival mechanisms are built into all living things. For all action, a reaction, a […]

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Purposeful Imagery

The Art of Autism is celebrating peace this month. I wrote something for them; as did many of my very talented comrades (they requested a poetry format) on that theme. Poems will be posted on their site with links from their FB page sometime this month.  What is the most peaceful thing you can think of?  […]

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Picturesque Boston Trip

The reason for the trip was a concert. From the restaurant where we ate, Al and I could see the venue (pavillion) where the concert took place. This is the restaurant where we ate supper before the concert. Here’s one of the many nautical themed wall hangings in the NoName Restaurant. Inside the restaurant I […]

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Challenged but Loved

I believe we have challenges for reasons. I believe that the most difficult relationships/people in our lives are our greatest teachers. I believe sometimes little things make a big difference. Like certain crows, I enjoy finding treasure in the parking lot. Or bracelets in parks. My grandson found a stretchy green bracelet (green, his favorite […]

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When The Hairy Panic Sets In

So… this is Hairy Panic Tumbleweed: “It’s physically draining and mentally more draining,” exclaimed resident Pam Twitchett, who is one of many citizens trying frantically to clean it up. It’s presently overtaking an Australian town. As soon as they clean it up, more blows right on in! When I saw this news item, I had […]

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A Poem

I had meant to post a new original poem for every day in April which was poetry month I believe. Better late than not at all. There’s a poem toward the end of this entry, not an original one. It’s one I came across on my laptop.  There are lots of things “I meant to […]

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Disconnecting Through Connection

In a book I read a few weeks ago (author Jim Sterba’s ‘Frankie’s Place’), Jim refers to reading material that one brings into the bathroom to read as “toi lit.” This term stayed with me-I found it way too amusing. It can be seen as a reflection of times that have changed. Think about it. I’ve […]

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Back Off Pigweed OR: Just Enough On The Plate

Deserted houses, forgotten outbuildings, abandoned vehicles, long vacant parking lots, and sunken ships. They’ve all got something in common. Nature gobbles them up. Underground roots (rhizomes) undermine the integrity of foundations. Ivy creeps stealthily into cracks. Temperature extremes, dampness, insects and various wild animals- all play a role in reclaiming structures. In the sea, artificial reefs […]

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Easter Schmeester

Ever hear a voice and it reminds you of someone else’s voice? Someone long departed or otherwise gone from your life? You don’t realize it, it’s an involuntary thing, but when people speak… And in particular when that voice is familiar and heard often- their voice imprints on you; not unlike fossil indents on rock. I […]

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Having A Walmart Brain

Above: This is an example of a 25 hundred dollar mirror with superb “psyche” tilt. That’s an actual term. Below: a French Budoir mirror (Etsy). And Below: WalMart mirror. Functional simplicity.  There are some grand sounding words associated with mirrors. For instance:  gadrooning (leaves, flowers, birds, etc. carved on the frame),  psyche (the mechanism that […]

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Recalling Pistachios and Toy Vacuums, Funny Neural Pathways-won’t you send lasers?

TRIGGER warning. Do not read if you’re sensitive to descriptions of pain. That said, I was sitting at work earlier; at lunch…eyes downcast and peeling thready white pith from tangerine segments (my hands will be citrus-smelling all day-lovely!:)My view: a carpet (this one’s taupe) which has the type of pile (the kind of plush style […]

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Searching for shadows

I was always a “hang-upside-down” person. Well into my 40s. I would be at the track for a walk (with the playground nearby,) or enjoying the swings with the grandkid(s) and I’d spot that “jungle gym” bar. It was irresistible. Within minutes I’d be hanging upside down, arms akimbo, legs creased over the bar; batty […]

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Feed Sacks are Cool and other Updates

My grandson likes to think he resembles Brick Heck (Atticis Finch) in mannerisms and looks. He does. Kinda. I identified with the recent episode of The Middle (as defined by Wiki: an American sitcom about a working-class family living in Indiana and facing the day-to-day struggles of home life, work, and raising children.)  Sue, while […]

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Dumb Meme. New Work. 

Miniature billboard-like memes with their visual messages and antecdotes…usually pop-up-style intrusive, sometimes funny, predictable purveyors of excruciatingly bad grammar, some of them trying too hard to be profound and some actually succeeding. I’ve been slack on writing the blog, keeping abreast of social media, and  this is because I’ve got 20 paintings that need to […]

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A Few Hours At The Mall

 I want to be a bit of both walnut tree and a bit oceanic hot vent fish. Why can’t I be a mix between the two? I’ll explain in a minute what I mean by that. First this: I am not a big user of emojis although sometimes my youngest child and I will make […]

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Somewhere on the planet as I type this; gurgling, burbling geothermic hotspots spurt predictably (like certain presidential candidates) and just like Old Faithful, Pixar presents us with another animated film. Inside Out is about feelings; so I was putting this one off. Eventually I did give it a watch. Turns out it’s literal, it runs […]


Fostering Healthy Wariness 

Zsolt with Kerry/Silis; my youngest child at her art show. The carved figure between them is hers. I knew a guy (Zsolt) who (camera in hand) used to approach strangers going about their lives… on the sidewalks of New Haven and photograph them. He had a contagious engaging charm and genuine interest, a curiosity- for all […]

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Book Giveaway

As some of you may know, I wrote this book:    However, my book used to look like this:    This version is the same memoir; however it is the one my agent designed. I like the cover well enough. William chose two of my paintings for the cover. I felt I wanted to honor […]

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Word Power

Firstly, I want to state that this is what fiddlehead ferns and sidewalk purselane look like: They are both fun to say. Fiddlehead ferns. Purselane. That’s the beauty to be found in words. Anyone ever have a kit of these magnetic words that were/are available at Barnes and Noble; for the refrigerator? Interesting sentences can […]

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I’m Going Outside

I’m not saying climate change doesn’t loom like a specter in the closet; shadowing out by degrees in a slow scare. It is there. It is real. That said, haven’t we turned into a nation of worriers? ‘They’ say if you’re thinking too much in the past- That’s depression. If you’re worried too much about the […]

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Distorted Reality

My first reading material was my set of World Book Encyclopedias. I would buy paperbacks at tag sales. Books like The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Universe, Elvis’s Autobiography and Chariots of The Gods. I read voraciously. I liked comics too… Richie Rich, Casper, Little Lotta and the scary ones were my favorites- the ones where […]

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Mimes, Koans, Feet, and Dolls

Between 2002 and 2005, I mimed a lot. Not on stage. Not for compensation. It started as a way to make my friend Amy’s college photography assignments more interesting. (The above pictures are not hers, they are a Warhol inspired collage I made of a picture she took of me). Although she took pictures of […]

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Tinsled Rhetoric

Here it comes. Some more neurons from yours truly, firing off like ping pong balls. When I’m not enjoying the promise of Autumn with short walks to visit old paths and stones in walls I had almost forgotten, I have been compiling thoughts like so many layers of onion. Here, I peel them. I share with […]

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People Are Abozzos, Until We Know Them Truly

Deepak Chopra:  Indian American author and public speaker. He is an alternative medicine advocate and a promoter of popular forms of spirituality. This is a post from Deepak Chopra’s Facebook page  (https://www.facebook.com/DeepakChopra?fref=nf ) (QUOTE) Question: A recent experience I had while visiting Paris has me wondering what (exactly) it was. While window shopping, I was drawn in to a pair […]

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Seeing All The Sides

When I was 12 a friend plucked a white hair from my head and showed me it; holding it up to the light. I laughed and laughed. This was an unexpected quirk in my day. Eclectic. Funny.  When I was in my twenties I saw colonies of white hairs. This time I had a different […]

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Having Fun With Photos

Millions of years ago during the Pangea timeframe, when land masses were one supercontinent all close together, Connecticut (the state I live in) was flush up against Mauritania and Morocco. Today of course, there are oceans between us. And yet I had a banana today that grew in Ecuador, with pineapple chunks harvested in Costa Rica, cherries from […]

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Hamilton and the Tenner

Originally posted on William Hogeland:
It does seem to me historically tone deaf for the Treasury Dept. to consider taking Alexander Hamilton, of all people, off U.S. currency, of all things, or even reducing his presence there. I can’t say I care who is on the money — easier to have nothing there but graphic design, I think…

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International Autistic Pride Day: June 18th. Splurge, fish and take public transportation too…

International Autistic Pride Day: June 18th. I missed this celebrated awareness day last year. On any given day something is celebrated to “raise awareness.” June 18th is: NATIONAL DUMP THE PUMP DAY On the third Thursday in June, National Dump the Pump encourages people to ride public transportation, instead of driving, and save money. NATIONAL […]

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Cats and That’s That

Mister Po as a baby:      Mister Po now.  Resident cats.  I remember yearly trips to “the caves” in upstate New York. I don’t mean Howe’s -although I’ve been there numerous times with the kids and spouse (before his illness of course). I’m talking about a cave system accessed by an elevator located at the […]

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All of this creates problems of organization. I get intoxicated, sometimes, by the rush of thoughts and am too impatient to put them in the right order. But one needs a cool head, intervals of sobriety, as much as one needs that creative exuberance.

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