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A couple announcements, more details to follow:

2020: DESIRE the film, by Keri Bowers. My portion of filming is a wrap now, will keep you posted! LINK HERE

The filming is a bit delayed due to Covid-19.

2019: I am a chosen artist in the magazine Outsider Art.

2020: I am the featured artist in a magazine, details soon!

2021: Am not allowed to talk about it quite yet, but exciting trip to Ventura County is in the works. More to be announced soon. My trip to California, sadly, is iffy due to Covid19.

2020: My YouTube channel HERE

FIRSTS Click Here

October, 2018: Oleb Books’ debut title, Firsts: Coming of Age Stories by People with Disabilities

several chapters in this book by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

2019-09-08 08_54_34-Window.png
2019-09-08 08_49_42-Window.png

I am now an award winning author.


Samantha Craft’s bestselling book Everyday Aspergers

Oct. 2018! Art chosen for covers of Sam’s book (2nd printing) by Kimberly Gerry Tucker


Museum of Work and Culture
42 South Main Street
Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895

All of the work displayed in the gallery was created by artists with autism and related neurodevelopmental conditions. Purpose of exhibit: to celebrate their creativity and talents. I’ll have art in the exhibit as well as two talented people I love. Matthew Best, who is curating the show is a fab collage master I just adore! Refreshments on opening day:

If you can’t make the opening night (3-10-2018), the exhibit will be up from March 10th, 2018 to April 30th, 2018, and will be free and open to the public. Stop in anytime! 1:00 – 3:00.


My MIME video: https://the-art-of-autism.com/the-autistic-mime-faking-normal-or-masking/

March 26, 2018. The above link is to a PODCAST (episode 37) with Spectrumly Speaking, Different Brains. Katherine and Becca chat a bit, and then I come in to the discussion. Check it out!

Samantha Craft’s book Everyday Aspergers. is in its 2nd printing, and redesigning the cover. My artwork has been chosen for the front and back covers! Details here: MY SPECTRUMSUITE/MeetKimberlyGerryTucker

The book, with my artwork, will be available in 2018. Stay tuned! Check out the blog on this site that I wrote about this. 🙂

Keri Bowers calls ATrain the best autism play she’s seen in her 28 yrs. in the field. So proud of AOA artists, myself & grandson Jaden who have art in the background for the play-shown here on stage: Mine on left. Jaden to the right; held by #AnnieTorsiglieri. https://the-art-of-autism.com/a-train-takes-honors-at-unit…/

P.O.D.S. People of Diversity, Speaking
What is PODS? Think HONY (humans of New York). It’s a page to celebrate the faces and interests of diversity. For more info, see the links below the PODS image. I hope you will submit! Contact me for info at PODSartofautism@gmail.com.



Good Purpose Gallery Lee, Massachusetts, March 2017 Collage Workshop with Students

@sugarart4autism 2017 Enriqe of #HAVESOMECAKE Birmingham, England made a cake
April autism awareness month,
based on my Shattered Image painting. His interpretation is so awesome and in my favorite color.

DADD Symposium for Gifted Children April 2017, Panel: Vito Bonanno, Myself, John M. Williams. Speaker: Professor Elizabeth Stringer-Keefe, at Hynes Center Boylston, Mass.
My presentation via video screenshots here and available for viewing in 8 small segments by GOOGLING this phrase: Kimberly Gerry Tucker You Tube

NOTE: This is my painting on the easel behind Vito and Elizabeth
2016 3+ Artist Show, Readings, Presentation, Book Signing at Lesley College Cambridge Boston with Elizabeth Stringer-Keefe, Prof.

In 2016,following the election, The Art of Autism was inspired to send Peace Flags to The White House. These are mine and my grandson’s contributions

I had the immense privilege of carving under mentor Zsolt Megai, my Hungarian story-telling teacher. My crow frames an antique mirror: One crow passing a ‘pearl’ (my mother’s hatpin) to another. The other carving is a man named Rudolph.