The Lowdown on Change

Whatever way the election goes, this is certain: Change is afoot!

From an Ann Holt book I read recently called: 
What Never Happens- 
“There’s no point in discussing anything anymore. Certainly not in the papers. People are more interested in making extreme statements and elegantly crucifying their opponent to make themselves look good, rather than discussing an issue properly. Elucidating the matter. 

Being nonjudgmental. 

Gaining insight. Sharing knowledge.” End quote
It’s not a book I especially enjoyed (especially the ending) but it’s interesting to note that this book (and subsequent quote) was written in 2004 —

and Holt is Norwegian; not a U.S. American. There’s not only intelligent thought there, but relevant insight too. 
That said, this blog entry celebrates change- something I’m averse to as a general rule, but change can be 

necessary while difficult as all get out;
thought provoking while infuriating and even 

Let’s start with “necessary change.”

I weighed nearly 70 pounds more than I do now a little over a year ago. Some neighbors remarked they figured it was due to “my medication.” 

That’s not true. I don’t take anything with weight gain as a side effect. I was happy, and being thus, I stagnate. 

Same old. I don’t like to talk about it because that’s my life: seesaw -seesaw. 
1) I couldn’t rake leaves, shovel snow, chase kids. I missed River Walks, hikes and Kick The Can with my grandson. 

2) I had chest pains, shortness of breath and the like. If I’d continued on my path, I could’ve shaken hands with Diabetes. 

3) Autoimmune problems (mine is overactive and attacking me -especially my skin) brings fatigue and pain and those in turn breed inactivity. Inactivity is a host for weight gain. 

I’ve probably posted this picture before. Indeed I need a new before/after because I’m more slender than this photo now. 

Change was necessary but not to be hurried. Motivation soon became queen of the kingdom. I’m not a vain person but I FEEL better. One day at a time. Slow to change is paramount, like simmering a sauce all day and tweaking the taste as flavors slowly marry. Little changes add up to big end results. 

I mentioned “thought provoking change which is also infuriating.”

My grandchildren and I raised a rather beautiful moth from pupa to wing hood. 

I’m infuriated because although I supplied it with sugar water, it died. It’s my fault. I didn’t want to release it until the rain let up, but in retrospect I should have done so as nature provides in its own way. 

The 3rd type of change I mentioned is the “liberating” kind. 

In my personal life I’ve stood up for changes I needed and let go of belittling influences. This is heartbreaking in its way but liberating too. It’s made me closer to whole, but like a mosaic -fractured in some way too. That’s okay for now. 

I’m not yet where I want to be. And I’ve no idea what changes are  in store in regard to climate: 

personally, health wise, and politically as well as literally; “our climate.” 

But I know this; change can be painful and necessary and thought provoking and all the things I said. 

My son Jeff and his significant other Diane also raised a moth from cocoon:

Theirs hatched before mine and they let it go into the world. As far as I know it lives. And so maybe there’s a balance to change, a yin yang thing. Good with the bad and yadayada. One hopes. 

Thanks to my old friend Clay seen here with me 10 years ago- for sending me bee-attractant seeds for next year’s garden. They’ll indeed be put to good use💛

2 thoughts on “The Lowdown on Change

  1. Congratulations on the weight loss. I know it wasn’t easy, and wish I could do the same. I weigh 205 now, which is 25 lbs more than 5 years ago. Was probably 170 in that picture. If I could lose half the weight you lost, I’d be very happy. Alas, winter is closing in, and that brings on even more inactivity. Hard to burn calories when you don’t even get out of the house. I hope whatever changes you have coming are GOOD ones!

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